Trumeter will count it to you

Ready-made counters, panel meters and time relays from company Trumeter significantly simplify development of applications where we need such modules.
Trumeter modules feature one common factor – ready-made solution with very low power consumption and an excellent price/ performance ratio. Many types are battery powered, that´s why they can be easily implemented even in mobile and battery powered devices.

Advantages / Features:

  1. ready-made modules with a very low power consumption
  2. excellent price/ performance ratio
  3. also available miniature versions
  4. saves development and production costs

If you remember Trumeter products from our web or catalogue, you´re right. These modules were to see in our offer some years ago. After a provisional outage from our offer because of changes in production and distribution at the side of producer, they can be found in our portfolio again. Trumeter products, which can be found in our offer, are from these categories:
– counters, single- and bi-directional, predetermining, with output relays, 4-8 digits, with input impulses of up to 10 kHz frequency
– digital panel meters, 3½ digit with a possibility to display symbols of electric parameters and with backlight

For more detail: Trumeter will count it to you

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