TurboTools Sponsors Velocity Performance Group Drag Racing Team for the 2006 Racing Season

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 28, 2006 –

TurboTools Corporation, a leading provider of HES and Systems Design Productivity Solutions today announced their sponsorship of Velocity Performance Group AB (VPG), the Funny Car race team. The race team is based in Alfta, Sweden and competes across Europe. TurboTools is proud to be the sponsor and the Hardware Electrical System design software of choice for Leanders Bros. team.


Since 2000 Leanders Bros. racing has been a top competitor in the FIA European Drag Racing Championship circuit. In 2003 they broke the European record in their class with an amazing time of 5.666 seconds on the quarter mile track. In the 2005 season they used a 526 BAE Hemi engine to power their Top Methanol Funny Car and were able to rank third.


Dragster racing is one of the worlds fastest motor sports, with cars producing in excess of 3500 horsepower and accelerating to 60 mph in around 0.8 seconds. With a 5.666 second quarter mile time, Leanders Bros. currently have the fastest Top Methanol Funny Car in Europe and they now have their sights set on winning the 2006 FIA European Championship. To remain competitive in the field of Funny Car racing, Leanders Bros. must continually modify and improve their car. CablEquity from TurboTools Corporation will support the designing and maintaining of the Electrical System of the car.


Following some technical difficulties experienced early in the 2004 season, the Leanders Bros. team went on to win most of the remaining events in the series and lost the 2004 FIA series title by 36 thousands of a second in the final race of the year. We won the race but we needed to go a little bit faster to earn the extra five points to be able to get the championship crown states Ulf Leanders, driver and co-owner of Leanders Bros. Racing.


VPG and Leanders Bros. are excited to have TurboTools as a sponsor. Being involved with a high class company with top of the line products motivates the VPG team to win the FIA European Championship this year. The speed, accuracy and flexibility of CablEquity are the main reasons why VPG chose TurboTools as the preferred Electrical Systems design solution continue Ulf Leanders.


TurboTools is delighted to be associated with VPG for the 2006 racing season. Being involved with a race team dedicated to being the fastest in its field motivates TurboTools team to provide the most productive and turbo-charged design software to help VPG win the FIA European Championship this year. The use of TurboTools products by VPG once again emphasizes the universality and power of CablEquity said Alex Chernyak, Founder and President of TurboTools Corporation.


For CablEquity 2006 license pricing and delivery please contact TurboTools Corporation or its authorized resellers.


About TurboTools Corporation


TurboTools Corporation was founded in January 1999 in San Francisco, California. Its flagship application, CablEquity 2006, is a complete end-to-end design and manufacturing solution for hardware system architects and integrators, electrical and electronic engineers and scientists. TurboTools unique System Level Design product line allows engineers to develop or redesign of new and existing product designs. These tools help engineers speed up time to market and make better, safer, reliable and more robust products at a lower cost. For online evaluation of fully functional CablEquity contact TurboTools Corporation at +1.415.759.5599 or visit http://www.turbotools.com to schedule FREE server access.


About VPG, Leanders Bros Dragracing AB


Based in Alfta, Sweden, VPG is a leading European drag racing team dedicated to the promotion of the sport and the enjoyment of the spectators. Velocity Performance Group is comprised of Leanders Bros. Racing and Lundqvist Motorsports. Since 2000, the Leanders team has finished in the top three of the Top Methanol Funny Car class of the FIA European Drag Racing Championship with the exception of 2004 where they ended in second place. In 2005, VPG ranked third with 249 points. For more information on VPG visit http://www.vpgroup.se.


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