Universal SMT LEDs series KA-3528 will attract attention

We enlarged our stock offer of well-proven LEDs in a PLCC-2 package with new improved types.
KA-3528 series of SMT diodes is not a novelty and many of you may know it already for several years, however this series is being continuously enriched with new types. Kingbright as a reliable producer of LEDs always improves their specification, that´s why we also counterchange our offer with new types which overcome their predecessors. It ensures a long-term availability of LEDs in this package and at the same time it ensures still lower power supply demands thanks to a higher luminous intensity of new types.
Universal SMT LED

Advantages / Features:

  1. universal SMT LEDs
  2. PLCC-2 package, 3.5×2.8mm
  3. higher luminous flux
  4. available in various colors with various luminous intensity

KA-3528 are universal colour SMT LEDs in a PLCC-2 package, with higher luminous intensity and 20mA nominal current, suitable for backlighting of push-buttons, panels etc. KA-3528 also offers a possibility to choose from several colors (wave lengths) even within one color group.
The PLCC-2 package has good optical properties (reflector) and good thermal properties at the same time, what gives a supposal of a long lifetime. In the recent period we enriched our offer with for example these types – KA-3528LSGSKA-3528QBCT-G a KA-3528VGS-A.
For more detail: Universal SMT LEDs series KA-3528 will attract attention

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