Vela Introduces ArgoNavis Quad SDI & VANC Multi Viewer For Confidence Monitoring, QA, Compliance & Program Integrity of MPEG-2, H.264 & VC1 Content at NAB 2012

Tampa, Florida (PRWEB) March 29, 2012

Vela Research today announced that it will demonstrate the ArgoNavis Quad SDI & VANC Multi Viewer, a compact, self-contained and turnkey solution that enables operators to perform confidence monitoring and quality assurance simultaneously on four (4) channels of video at NAB 2012 on April 16-19, 2012. Ideally suited for broadcasters, call letter stations, cable operators, content distribution, OTT and IPTV providers, the Quad Multi Viewer integrates quickly and intuitively into the work flow processes within studios, head-ends and NOCs.


The Quad SDI & VANC Multi Viewer is a 1.5RU compact rack mount unit that provides confidence monitoring of vital aspects of up to four independent SDI signals in real time. Monitoring critical information on video, audio, and ancillary data is necessary to ensure regulatory compliance and data integrity.


The Multi Viewer is a cost effective, plug-and-play solution that also enables the operator to monitor up to eight (8) channels of audio for each of the four channels being monitored in real time. Further, this solution enables operators to take real time measurements of LKFS loudness and to set automated monitoring and alerting in the event that any audio level violates and upper or lower threshold for a duration defined by the operator. This feature assists operators with CALM Act compliance, and can be activated on all channels or on the specific channels selected.


The comprehensive feature list of the ArgoNavis Quad SDI & VANC Multi Viewer includes these and a wide array of other features required in most user environments today:

4 independent channel HD/SD SDI viewing & monitoring in real time
Ability to capture, review, archive and share snapshots of the SDI video
Monitor up to 8 channels of SDI embedded audio per channel of programming
Ability to set High/Low Alarms for individual or all audio channels
Ability to perform real time LKFS audio loudness measurements
Ability to decode and display 708 and 608 CC in real time
Ability to decode and display AFD in real time
Ability to decode and display Broadcast Flag and Dolby Audio Metadata in real time

Mike Reddy, President & CEO of Vela said, we are delighted to introduce the ArgoNavis Quad SDI & VANC Multi Viewer, in its compact, affordable, turnkey form, to enable our broadcast, call letter station, cable, OTT, content creation and distribution customers to efficiently monitor and verify the quality of all of their SD and HD programming in MPEG-2, AVC/H.264, VC1 and MPEG4 Part 2. Our customers have told us that CALM Act compliance as well as the general, market-driven requirements for ensuring audio and video quality and conformance in an easy-to-integrate manner is critically important to their operations and that drove our development of this solution.


Kevin Grubbs, Velas Director of Engineering, said the ArgoNavis Quad SDI & VANC Multi Viewer decodes and helps monitor 608 and 708 Closed Captions in real time, allowing operators to view both types of captioning simultaneously without obstructing the video with open captions. The Multi Viewer also allow decoding and viewing of Active Format Descriptor, Broadcast Flag, and Dolby Audio Metadata, all in real time, and simultaneously across four (4) different SD/HD SDI channels. The entire solution ships in a compact, ultra quiet chassis, and has been designed with ease of use, intuitiveness and ease of integration in mind for trucks, control rooms, studios, headends and NOCs.


Users in the broadcast, cable, OTT, IPTV, content creation and distribution areas, as well as Station Groups and Call Letter Stations interested in further information or in test-driving the Quad SDI & VANC Multi Viewer are invited to contact Kevin McDowell at 954-558-2063 (kmcdowell(at)vela(dot)com).


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