Virtium Introduces New Line of TuffDisk Flash Solutions

Rancho Santa Margarita, California (PRWEB) May 02, 2011

Virtium Technology Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of long-life embedded memory and Flash solutions for mission-critical applications, today introduced its comprehensive new Flash solutions product line, designated TuffDisk. An expansion of Virtiums DRAM offering, the new TuffDisk line meets a broad range of embedded OEM application goals including long product life, cost, high speed, compatibility and low power. SLC NAND Flash coupled with advanced wear leveling algorithms will ensure TuffDisks endurance meets a minimum of 2M write/erase cycles. The TuffDisk line consists of standard and industrial product temperature ranges supported by multiple form factors and interfaces. Tuffdisk products will support PATA, SATA, USB, and SD with form factors embracing industrial OEM proven packaging standards of SSDs, SATADOMs, eUSB, SD, CF, CFast, mSATA, SlimSATA, amongst others. Optimized for the high reliability and endurance needs of a wide variety of embedded OEM applications, Virtium Flash products are optimal solutions for military-aerospace, networking-telecommunications, medical, storage server and gaming applications.

Virtium supports its new TuffDisk line with enhanced product support and extended product life management to overcome OEMs concerns regarding ongoing NAND Flash die shrinkage and regular controller firmware changes that can cause significant system incompatibility issues for Flash storage users. That is why Virtium, as part of its service offering, will work closely with customers to define a test environment that will guarantee compatibility. Virtium will then use a customers approved test method throughout its production process on either the customers actual hardware or hardware that has been approved.

What sets Virtium apart is our total commitment to personalized service, extensive testing and long product life management for our Flash storage customers. With our expanded line of TuffDisk Flash solutions, Virtium will assign a dedicated team of experts to assist OEMs in selecting or modifying firmware and hardware and offer custom testing for absolute application compatibility, said Phan Hoang, vice president of research and development at Virtium Technology. Virtium also ensures that our TuffDisk products will be available over an applications life cycle, so our customers original B.O.M. and configuration will be locked for the duration.

About Virtium TuffDisk Products

mSATA VMS Developed to match OEM requirements for long-term product and reliable supplier support, the Virtium TuffDisk mSATA VMS product family is a SATA Flash solution in the JEDEC MO-300 form factor and is offered in both industrial temperature ( -40oC to +85oC) and standard temperature (0

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