Virtus, the Only Language Translation Solution Designed for Databases and Spreadsheets, Now Offers Chinese, Persian and Russian Language Modules.

Herndon, VA (PRWEB) March 30, 2012

Ntrepid Corporation announced the debut of Virtus, a software solution that dramatically increases the productivity of both linguists and non-linguists translating foreign language data in spreadsheets and databases.


Translation of spreadsheets and databases can be very time-consuming and monotonous. Because this type of data lacks sentential context, it presents a difficult challenge for standard methods of automated translation. As such, many organizations have a backlog of un-translated foreign language data, resulting in overseas operations not being properly monitored, compliance requirements not being met, and business insights being lost.


Virtus provides exponential productivity gains, especially for datasets exceeding thousands of records. Virtus automatically suggests an optimal translation strategy based on the type of data (person names, street addresses, gender, for example) in each column. Users can simply execute the recommendations or make adjustments, if desired. Features include embedded and personalized translation memories, advanced tuning of translation settings, and multiple transliteration standards.


Virtus is a force multiplier for translating structured data such as databases and spreadsheets. Translation work that used to take our customers years can now be done in a matter of days, said Jen Doyon, Virtus Product Manager.


Chinese, Persian and Russian language modules are available now, with Arabic, French, German and Spanish coming later in 2012. Virtus can operate in stand-alone mode or integrate with translation workflow systems. Virtus helps organizations transform idle data into real insight.


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