Vizinex RFID Joins Fujitsu at Interphex 2012, May 1-3

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) April 27, 2012

Vizinex RFID will join Fujitsu Semiconductor Ltd. in Booth 2430 at Interphex 2012, on May 1-3 at Javits Center in New York City. Vizinex will be showcasing the Sentry AST Gamma HF, a gamma radiation resistant tag that incorporates the Fujitsu MB89R1118C chip. The Sentry AST Gamma HF offers medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers the ability to use RFID for the management of assets which must undergo a gamma sterilization process.


Working with a partner like Fujitsu, who shares our commitment to innovation and performance, is extremely important in reaching the healthcare/pharmaceutical industry, stated Ken Horton, CEO, Vizinex RFID. Horton continues, The Fujitsu chip incorporated into our gamma sterilizable asset tag has FRAM memory, and has been tested to more than double the standard dosage of gamma radiation commonly used in sterilization processes today. This gives our medical and pharmaceutical clients a lot of flexibility, and confidence in their RFID application.


The Sentry AST Gamma HF, with the Fujitsu MB89R1118C chip, is gamma radiation resistant up to 80 kiloGrays with 2 kbytes FRAM for extra data storage. Its small size allows for use with a wide range of medical devices. The RFID tags, which are embedded in surgical/dental instruments or packaging prior to sterilization, ensure that instruments have been sterilized, while device authentication confirms the correct instrument is used.


In addition to the Sentry AST Gamma HF, two other Vizinex RFID tags used for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical applications will also be included. The Sentry AST Autoclave, which mounts on metal and includes a high-performance acrylic adhesive, has the ability to withstand hundreds of autoclave cycles. Used for medical device and laboratory ware management, its low profile, small footprint offers excellent performance-to-size ratio. The Sentry AST Ultra Slim has a wide range of applications including inventory management of biological samples, medical/hospital/IT asset tracking and chain of custody verification. This tag is highly reliable for use with foil pouches and yields read distances of 2-4 feet on metal surfaces, making it a cost-effective option for shorter read range requirements.


All three featured Vizinex RFID tags are part of the companys full line of off-the-shelf asset tracking tags, branded as Sentry AST. The entire Sentry AST line is based on printed circuit board (PCB) technology, a highly desirable platform that offers many advantages including consistent, predictable read results, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to quickly and efficiently design and test new RFID tags, without starting from scratch.


About Fujitsu

Fujitsu Components America, Inc. markets and distributes electronic components throughout North and Central America. Products include relays, connectors, input and pointing devices, touch panels, wireless modules, and thermal printers. The company is headquartered at 250 E. Caribbean Drive, Sunnyvale, California, 94089. For product information, contact FCAI via telephone at 1-800-380-0059 or by email at components(at)us(dot)fujitsu(dot)com. For more information, please see:


About Vizinex RFID

Vizinex RFID, headquartered near Philadelphia, PA, designs and manufactures RFID tags for diverse asset tracking applicationsfrom rugged environments in the oil industry, to medical devices requiring repeated sterilization, to long-range vehicle tracking. Vizinex RFIDs Sentry AST line of rigid tags provides unsurpassed reliability and consistency in read-range performance. Our manufacturing capabilities also include traditional, flexible film-based tags. This dual manufacturing platform enables Vizinex to design tags to meet challenging, application-specific requirements cost-effectively. With prototyping and manufacturing located in the U.S., our time from concept to delivery is unmatched. Founded in 2001 as RCD Technology, Vizinex exhibits a tradition of innovation and superior functionalityallowing us to deliver RFID, the way you imagined. For more information, visit our website

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