ATMEL AVR ATMega 8535/16/32 and ATMEL AT89S5x Family Learning Kit

Feb 24, 2013 by

Both Mainboard Features

  • Pin compatible for 40-pin AVR and AT89S5x family Microcontrollers
  • Single sided PCB, header for 4 I/O ports, ISP port and RS-232 port
  • Built in +5V voltage regulator LM7805 with heatsink
  • Built in +5V and +12V (depend on input voltage) with terminal screw connector for further expansion
  • Onboard In System Programmer header
  • Schematic Included
  • Both mainboard is identically appearance with minor change

Avr Learning Kit

I/O Modules:

LED Board

The LED board provides 8-bit dot LED. The board can tie to the main PCB easily with a 10 pin ribbon cable.


For more detail: ATMEL AVR ATMega 8535/16/32  and  ATMEL AT89S5x Family Learning Kit

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