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Development system for PIC and AVR microcontrollers

After testing many systems development for PIC and AVR microcontrollers, none satisfy me. So I created this system with breadboard that has satisfied me. Step 1: More space free In this development system, I put two protoboards turned 180 degrees from each other. The space that is left to just enough space to insert a 40-pin microcontroller. But I'm planning to create a version with movables protoboards  to ...

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AVR mini board with additional boards using attiny2313 microcontroller

Somewhat similar to PIC 12f675 mini protoboard, but extended and with additional boards. Using attiny2313. Step 1 Scheme Let us first start with a scheme. The scheme is pretty obvious since it only connects attiny2313 with the pins and the only additional elements are resistors and capacitor for reseting the microcontroller. Step 2 Bottom view of the board Here is the bottom view of the board, so you can se ...

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Synchronizing Fireflies using Microcontroller ATtiny13

Have you ever asked yourself how do hundreds and thousands of fireflies are able to synchronize themselves? How does it work, that they are able to blink all together without having a kind of boss firefly? This instructable gives a solution and shows how this synchronization can be achieved.   I have always been fascinated by self organization of insects. A couple of years ago I wrote a Java-Applet tha ...

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AVR32 Development Board at Home

This is my first instructable.So plz comment and help me out with any mistakes i might commit . I have created a pcb for avr 32 ,its a development board .I saw that there none online with pcb that could be done at home so thought y not put it . To start with u need the basic concept of printing pcbs and itching them . i find this link easy to learn And i am using eagle ...

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Make-Yourself ATmega32 Starter’s Kit with LCD, I2C, SPI, RTC, ADC interfaces

Here is my home-made kit of ATmega32 microcontroller interfacing. The ATmega32 controller is rich with features like onboard 32kB in-System programmable flash, 1 KB EEPROM, 2KB SRAM, 10bit ADC (8 channel), SPI bus inteface, TWI (compatible with I2C bus) interface, an USART, analog comparator, etc. That's why I've selected it to load my kit with all those features. This M32 card is having an LCD inteface wit ...

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