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LED wind indicator Using atmega8 Microcontroller

I have something with the weather. I always like to know how warm or cold it is, how much rain has fallen, how hard the wind blows and from what direction,... and so there are lots of sensors around our house to keep me up to date. These sensors give only a limited range of data, so I still need the internet to inform me about everything I want to know. I am lucky because one of the national weather data co ...

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Using ATMega328 Microcontroller Custom Tron Disc Mod

In this Instructable, I cover modding the store-bought Deluxe Identity Disc to an upgraded version with 64 leds, controlled by an AVR MCU. The upgraded version is costume-ready and would be an excellent addition to your Tron costume - it'll also look great on your desk/dresser/etc. My 7 year old daughter watched Tron:Legacy with me on Father's day and decided instantly that she wanted to be Quorra for Hallo ...

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How to drive a lot of LEDs from a few microcontroller pins.

Using the fact that many microcontroller pins have three states (+V, GND, or "high impedence", you can drive N*(N-1) LEDs from N pins. So the little 8 pin microcontroller like a PIC12Fxxx or an ATtiny11 can drive 20 LEDs on its five available output pins, and still have one pin left for some kind of input. The current crop of low pin-count microcontrollers (6 pins to 20 pins on the whole package) are attrac ...

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4×4 LED Display

The 4×4 LED Display was my first project with a two-layer circuitboard layout. The alignment was not 100% optimal, but sufficent. I wanted to make the board as small as possible, so the parts had to be stacked at some places. The square LED’s were painted black on the sides to keep the pixels sharp. The rows and columns are both controlled by a 4094 Shift&Store-register. The upper four bits control the ...

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8×8 Bicolor LED Matrix using MAX6964

For a long time I had a layout for this circuit, but could never build it, because the layout was to small to be made by tonertransfer. So it was the first layout I made with my new exposure unit. It’s quite small, so it fits under the LEDMatrix itself. Therefore only SMD parts are used. It took three trys to get it right. The first failed because the etching solution was to weak, took to long and caused he ...

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