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Designing Embedded Hardware – AVR E-Book

Designing Embedded HardwareEmbedded computer systems literally surround us: they’re in our cell phones, PDAs, cars, TVs, refrigerators, heating systems, and more. In fact, embedded systems are one of the most rapidly growing segments of the computer industry today. Along with the growing list of devices for which embedded computer systems are appropriate, interest is growing among programmers, hobbyists, and engineers of all types in how to design and build devices of their own. Furthermore, the knowledge offered by this book into the fundamentals of these computer systems can benefit anyone who has to evaluate and apply the systems. The second edition of Designing Embedded Hardware has been updated to include information on the latest generation of processors and microcontrollers, including the new MAXQ processor. If you’re new to this and don’t know what a MAXQ is, don’t worry–the book spells out the basics of embedded design for beginners while providing material useful for advanced systems designers. Designing Embedded Hardware steers a course between those books dedicated to writing code for particular microprocessors, and those that stress the philosophy of embedded system design without providing any practical information.


Chapter 1 An Introduction to Computer Architecture
Chapter 2 Assembly Language
Chapter 3 ForthOpen Firmware
Chapter 4 Electronics 101
Chapter 5 Power Sources
Chapter 6 Building Hardware
Chapter 7 Adding Peripherals Using SPI
Chapter 8 Adding Peripherals Using I2C
Chapter 9 Serial Ports
Chapter 10 IrDA
Chapter 11 USB
Chapter 12 Networks
Chapter 13 Analog
Chapter 14 The PIC Microcontrollers
Chapter 15 The AVR Microcontrollers
Chapter 16 68HC11
Chapter 17 MAXQ
Chapter 18 68000Series Computers

Chapter 19DSPBased Controllers


Bibliographic information

TitleDesigning Embedded Hardware
Oreilly Series
Safari Tech Books Online
AuthorJohn Catsoulis
Edition2, illustrated
PublisherO’Reilly Media, Inc., 2005
ISBN0596007558, 9780596007553
Length396 pages

Computers / Hardware / General
Computers / Hardware / Handheld Devices
Computers / Hardware / Network Hardware
Computers / Hardware / Peripherals
Computers / Hardware / Personal Computers / General
Computers / Operating Systems / General


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