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LCD interface

This example is based on a LCD module with the Hitachi HD44780 LCD-controller.You can get these displays in various kinds, from 1 to 4 lines and from 8 to 40 characters per line. A display with [..]

LCD/switch interface

Page 1 of 2 This board can directly connected to the STK 500 board or the ATTiny2313 ISP program board with a 10 pole flatcable on the 10 pin header of the STK500 and the [..]

Fully programmable smoke detector IC with integrated bus interface

MSC now offers the E520.32 programmable smoke detector IC from Elmos Semiconductor, a device that includes all active electronic components of a network capable smoke detector. The E520.32 combines a configurable 200 mA driver for the transmitter LED, a high impedance input for the voltage conversion to the receiver diode and a 2-wire bus interface