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ATTiny2313 Multi-mode LED Matrix Clock

This is a mutli-mode clock project based on attiny2313. it employs a 8x8 led matrix as display. with the limited resolution, this 12 hour clock shows time in 6 different modes. The circuit employs row and column multiplexing to drive the leds, one row at a time, this gives a 12.5% duty cycle when "sets" of leds (8 of them in each of the 8 rows) are turn on briefly. Current limiting resistors are eliminated ...

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Temperature Indicator Using attiny2313 micrcontroller

Description Features: Measures temperatures from -55°C to +125°C Three LED's to indicate in what range the temparature is. User definable thermostat with high and low settings Output via a relay to control a heater element or a blower fan (or something else) Power supply ......................4.5 to 5.5 VDC Power consumption ...........15mA This circuit uses a Dallas DS1621 temperature sensor which indicate ...

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Relais Board Using AT2313

Description This is a peripheral board with 4 relais, rated at 5A/250V each. The board has a ML10 output connector for connection with the AT2313 Project board. It has also 4 LED's for indication which relais is switched on. Hardware The circuit is simple, it consists of no more then an ML10 connector, a ULN2803A, which contains eight open collector darlington transistors, four of them amplifies the signals ...

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8×8 Dotmatrix Scrolling LED display using atmega8515 microcontroller

Here's an another project, which makes an Scrolling LED display. Here 64 leds which are connected to an Matrix display. The Anodes are drived through an Driver IC UDN2981 and the cathodes are drived through ULN2803. The Atmega8515 is used in this project to control the display. The microcontroller is programmed with Bascom AVR. Circuit Diagram Designing Software You can also download an software which is us ...

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LCD Interface Board Using ATTiny2313

Description This board can directly connected to the STK 500 board or the ATTiny2313 ISP program board with a 10 pole flatcable on the 10 pin header of the STK500 and the 10 pin header of the LCD/Switch board. The display has 16*2 character positions and is Hitachi HD44780 compatible, and also has a LED backlight that can be switched on/off by a jumper. It uses only one port of the AVR-microcontroller. It a ...

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LCD Display On Glass Interface Using AT2313

Description Liquid Crystal Display on Glass is the newest in LCD technology. The display's are very compact, it measures 55x27 mm and the height is only 2mm without LED backlight and 5.8mm with LED backlight. The display's can have different LED background light instead of only the green and blue of the normal LCD modules.There are 5 monochrome colors available: white, green/yellow, blue, red, amber and the ...

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