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Temperature Sensor Thermometer using AT89C51 and DS1621 microcontroller

DS1621 temperature sensor circuit digital thermometer to tell if using. Operation of the circuit is simple, as are as follows: temperature sensor from the numeric value being sent to the microcontroller and the microcontroller using the I2C serial communication protocol, this value will more basıyor.Biraz If the LCD tomicrocontroller interprets the sensor in the 16-bit LCD to the data transfers.

Dallas DS1621 company produced sensor can measure temperatures between -55 to +125. High and low temperature values of the sensor specified by the user to give notice has two registers. Perceived the environment as heat transferred to the 16-bit microcontroller, interpreted according to the program written is sent to the LCD.

DS1621 with microcontroller IC I2C communication between the microcontroller serial communication protocol, which sağlıyor.I2C The main task of the protocol, called the heat sensors and RxD and TxD satellite communication via serial communication lines with the tip of kuruyor.DS1621 integration of the SDA P3_0 bit microcontroller DS1621 is used for data acquisition and transmission P3_1 bit microcontroller that is required with the end of the SCL clock pulse is used to create.

Half Materials and Prices

  • AT89C51 : 3 YTL
  • 16 × 2 LCD: 8 YTL
  • 2 x DS1621 IC: 12 YTL
  • Kdirenç +8.2 +10 12 mhz crystal mf capacitor: 1 YTL
  • Regulator 7805: 50 cents

It cost about 30 YTL to the entire circuit.

Information about Dallas 1621 Temperature Sensor

DS1621’in measuring range -55 º C to +125 º C.. It is integrated in 0.5 is measured with an accuracy of. The measured values are sent to the microcontroller as a two-byte value.

Information about Dallas 1621 Temperature Sensor

Table 1 Decimal equivalents of bytes read from the top and bottom

Measured values shown in Table 1. Lower byte 7 bit is 1, 0.5 ‘refers to tens of meters. Upper byte 7 bit is 0, the temperature is equal to or greater than 0, 7 bit 1 means that the temperature is below 0. In this case, the upper byte is received first by adding the complement of the result is calculated.

DS1621 IC and pin appearance

DS1621 IC and pin appearance

Microcontroller communicates with the DS1621 IC I2C serial communication method. Integrated circuit diagram as shown in Figure 3, SDATA, and SClock mikrodenetleyici’ye with two cables to be connected to pull-up made. There are also integrated in the 3-bit address pins. A0, A1 and A2 pins are used to determine the address. With this addressing integration of the multiple temperature (DS1621’de up to 8) can be connected on the same line.

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