10/100 Ethernet Module Enables Complex Timing Applications with eTPU Co-processor

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) September 28, 2006

The NetBurner Mod5234 10/100 Ethernet module includes a programmable I/O controller with its own core and memory system, enabling it to perform complex timing and I/O management independently of the CPU. The eTPU is essentially an independent microcontroller designed for timing control, I/O handling, serial communications, motor control and engine control applications.

The eTPU Timing Functions include: Synchronized PWM, Input Capture/Output Compare, Pulse and Frequency Measurement, Pulse/Period Accumulate, Stepper Motor, Queued Output Match for Complex Outputs and GPIO. Communication Functions include: SPI, UART, UART with Flow Control, plus Proprietary Protocols.

The industrial temperature rated Mod5234 is based on the 32-bit Freescale MCF5234 running at 147MHz. In addition to the eTPU features the module provides 10/100 Ethernet, 2MB of Flash memory, 8MB of SDRAM, SPI, I2C, 3 UARTS and CAN. For applications requiring more UARTS, the eTPU can be configured to provide up to 6 additional serial ports.

The Mod5234 Network Development Kit ($ 499) includes all the hardware, software and tools you need to start writing application code for your product or idea immediately. The kit includes a Mod5234 module, Integrated Development Environment (IDE), uC/OS RTOS, TCP/IP Stack, Web Server, Flash File System, ANSII C/C++ Compiler, Graphical Debugger and Deployment Tools.

The MOD5234 is available now at a price of $ 99 in 100 unit quantities.

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