A transformer suitable even for mimosas

15W toroidal transformer with a very low radiated magnetic field and high efficiency is an excellent choice for audio and other sensitive devices.
In our stable stock offer can be from now found a quality small transformer 70053K from company Talema meeting even high requirements for supplying of sensitive devices. Switch mode power suppliesare an excellent choice for the most of applications, but for supplying of input stages of audio and video devices as well as various measuring devices, AD converters, … it´s still the best choice a classic transformer. And if it has to be a transformer, then the one with as good specification as possible.
A transformer suitable even for mimosas
From this point of view, toroidal transformers a are a step in front of transformers laminated from EI, C and similar plates. A uniform layout of primary and secondary winding along the magnetic core of the toroid ensures an excellent magnetic coupling between windings a very low strayfield, which could influence surrounded components in a device.
Transformers from company Talema are top quality products meeting stringent requirements for safety, reliability and low losses. Type 70053K with the 2x15V output (2×18,5V open circuit) is ideal for supplying of audio and other devices requiring +-15V symmetrical voltage. At lower current demands, it is also suitable for +-18V output, as an AC voltage will get increased after rectification and filtering at capacitors.
The transformer has a double primary winding, thus being able to operate at 115 or 230V (i.e. in European conditions the windings have to be connected in series). A big advantage is that secondary windings are separated, and so they can be connected even in parallel in order to gain a higher current in cases when we only need a single supply. Application of the transformer is very simple – by soldering pins into a PCB. The transformer also features a blind plastic nut M4x6 for increasing of mechanical stability.
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