ageet Corporation Releases Free AGEphone for Android

Kyoto, Japan (PRWEB) May 20, 2011

Most Android users are still paying too much for domestic calls made from their smartphone. There is no easily accessible, cost efficient way for them to reach international numbers or call home from abroad and it is all but impossible to effectively integrate local phone numbers with their device.

To help solving these problems, ageet Corporation has released the free AGEphone Mobile for Android, a new softphone that brings feature-rich VoIP functionality to Android 2.1 and upwards. Powered by one the most advanced and flexible SIP engines available, it competes with paid alternatives and consistently delivers high quality calls, both over Wi-Fi and mobile networks.

Instead of having just one provider at hand, users are free to choose from a host of internet telephony services around the world. After an easy setup process all the advantages of modern IP telephony are right at their fingertips. Sporting an elegant and accessible interface, AGEphone for Android makes accounts and dial-in numbers available everywhere, offering low rate calls and unlimited availability at any time.

Our new softphone is based on more than five years of experience with AGEphone for Windows Mobile which itself wouldnt have been possible without constant user input. remarked Marcus Froeschl, Android lead engineer at ageet Corporation. To facilitate the exchange of user feedback and ideas in the future, ageet would like to take the opportunity and announce the opening of a new support community especially for its mobile offerings at .

AGEphone for Android is available in the on-device Android Market as AGEphone and can also be found at . Further information is available at .

About ageet Corporation


Address: 2-64 Yamanawate Terado-cho, Muko City, Kyoto Prefecture, 617-0002 Japan

CEO: Masato Okazaki

CFO: Yasunori Nekota

Founded: July 2005

ageet Corporation specializes in innovative IP telephony software solutions for mobile, desktop and web systems. The company puts strong emphasis on efficient and flexible programming that optimizes for a broad range of small devices such as smartphones, tablets and embedded systems. Apart from the AGEphone (for iOS, Android, Desktop) series of softphones and its OEM versions, the company develops custom tailored, high security VoIP solutions as well as other telephony related products such as dialers and conferencing applications.

For questions regarding this press release please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Michael Leuker directly at

ageet Corporation

Mobile and Desktop VoIP Solutions

2-64 Yamawate Teradocho,

Mukoshi, Kyotofu, 617-0002 Japan

Mail: michael(at)ageet(dot)com


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