Amptronix ATS600 Series Pure Sine Wave Inverters with 600W Continuous Output and 1000W Surge Output

Walnut, California (PRWEB) July 5, 2006

Amptronix Inc. is announcing the CSA certification of UL458 compliance of its ATS600 pure sinewave inverter series for industrial or mobile applications. The Amptronix ATS600 Series produce household electricity from a 12-volt / 24-volt DC battery system in a recreational vehicle or trailer by convert DC to 115V or 230V AC at the frequency of 50Hz/60Hz. The output of this inverter is 600W continuous pure sinewave output, 1000 watt surge.


Amptronix ATS600 series Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter is a break through of the true sinewave design. It is built by the ISO-9001 TUV certified manufacture with the design of compact and comprehensive in mind. The ATS600 has tested and approved by CSA lab the compliance with UL458 standard for RV or other mobile applications.


ATS600 series deliver a pure sine wave AC output as clean as the local electric at home. Compared to commercial grade quasi-sinewave power inverters, the output of pure sinewave inverters are more suitable for sensitive electronic equipments such as:


Home Theater, High-end Steros, Computers, Power Tools, Radios, TVs, Musical instruments, Recording equipment, Precision equipment, Sensitive radio equipment, Laser printers, Fax machines, ..etc.


Continue its popularity record at European market, the new advanced model of ATS600 series has the optional feature of AC hard wire and transfer switch built-in. It offers also the standard features including GFCI built-in, over-temperature shutdown, auto overload protection, battery reverse polarity protection thru fuse, short-circuit protection , over-voltage protection, low-voltage protection ,..etc.


The Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of this pure sinewave output is less than 3%, make this unit one of the best performance model among competitors in the market. With smaller internal components advanced board design, the actual size of this new ATS600 series is more compact than before. A remarkable 5.8 lbs. in weight make it one of the most compact and competitive model in the market. It is more convenient and easy to install in a tight space.


To add users convenience, this pure sinewave inverter series also featured remote control as optional accessory. It allows users to switch on and off the inverter remotely.


About Amptronix


Amptronix, Inc. markets and distributes a variety of mobile electronic products, including 3-stage battery chargers, modified sinewave power inverters, pure sinewave power inverters, battery-care products, automotive TFT displays and other mobile electronic accessories for various vertical applications in the United States.


Our ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility follows the standard procedure to ensure consistent product quality and performance. Our products are made to meet safety standards such as CE, UL and CSA; we also will help customers to work through the lab testing to get the certifications.


Additional information about Amptronix is available at


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