Automotive Data Logger Goes Wireless

WEITERSTADT, Germany (PRWEB) June 5, 2005

Si-Gate GmbH, a leader in the field of Automotive Electronic Development has announced the addition of wireless capabilities to their market leading VDL-1000 Automotive Data Logger. This includes WLAN, GSM/GPRS, and Bluetooth.

Already being the industry standard for comprehensive vehicle bus data gathering, the new wireless aspect of the VDL-1000 gives engineers an added flexibility on how they approach their work. “This addition will address specific customer requests and strengthen the VDL-1000’s position as the premier data gathering tool for serious automotive electronic developers,” said Robert Newberry, CEO of Si-Gate GmbH.

The VDL-1000 with its built-in real-time clock has multiple inputs including 2X High Speed CAN with J1939 support, 1X Low Speed CAN, up to 16 analog inputs, and 4 digital inputs with 2 output drivers. This combined with on-board options such as a GPS Module, 3 Axis Accelerometer (2g or 6g), Temperature Sensor, and Barometric Pressure Sensor is able to cover just about every testing scenario found in today’s real world environment. With virtually no boot-up time from sleep mode, it can quickly respond and record the data to the internal compact flash card or interface with the on-board USB or Serial RS-232 ports. The Si-Gate VDL-1000 is designed to be a complete data logging system, capturing important vehicle information together with critical sensor data.

With the new wireless capabilities that are now offered in the VDL-1000, it is now possible to remotely stow away the VDL-1000 unit and to still easily retrieve the data to any device that is Bluetooth or WLAN equipped. Or with the GSM/GPRS system, it is now possible to communicate with the data even when it is not contained with in a closed test circuit. As long as the VDL-1000 is within communicating range of a GSM network, it is now possible in real time to remotely interact with the data being gathered, even when it is on the other side of the world.

About Si-Gate GmbH:

Si-Gate GmbH develops hardware and software solutions for the automotive electronics industry. They are leaders in powertrain development projects, VHDL programming, and electronic design and prototyping. They also design and build products specifically for use in automotive electronic developments such as data loggers and FPGA ECU development boards. The company headquarters are located in Stuttgart Germany.


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D-64331 Weiterstadt


Phone: ++49 (0)6151 / 667 0678

Fax: ++49 (0)6151 / 667 0676

Email: [email protected]



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