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Victor, New York. bUSBox™ is a ready-made embodiment of the popular single chip FT8U232AM USB UART solution for transferring serial data over the Universal Serial Bus. In a functional gray plastic housing, bUSBox™ can be used on its own to instantly upgrade RS232 devices to USB, with minimal development time and cost due to the ready-made drivers provided.

Many manufacturers have legacy RS232-based peripherals and wish there was a way to painlessly convert those products to USB. Using a dedicated USB microcontroller usually means extensive firmware development, as well as having to source or develop specific USB drivers for Windows ’98/NT/2000 and iMAC. However, just use bUSBox™ in between your product and USB, load the drivers and away you go! When you want to build the FT8U232AM i.c. into your legacy RS232 device, it’s easy! Just replace the RS232 level converter i.c. inside your product with FT8U232AM, add a few surface mount components exactly as in bUSBox™, load our free drivers, and the job is done – a new version of your old product – instantly!

With data transfer rates of up to 920k baud, bUSBox™ combines ultra high performance with USB’s ease of use, with no-royalty drivers provided for Windows ’98/NT/2000 and iMAC.

bUSBox™ and FT8U232AM inside it were designed in Silicon Glen in Scotland by FTDI – one of the world’s leading providers of complete USB solutions. Additional information including application schematics can be found at http://www.ftdi.co.uk

bUSBox™ is available now for $ 59 (qty 10) including free software drivers from Saelig Co. Inc. NY (716-425-3753; 716-425-3835fax; [email protected]; http://www.saelig.com).


Further details: Alan Lowne. 716 425-3753 • fax -3835

Saelig Company Inc, 1193 Moseley Road, Victor, NY 14564

Or see http://www.saelig.com/news.htm

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