Unveils A New Consumer Engagement Platform With Spam Free Opt-in

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) January 27, 2012, the first to offer a consumer engagement platform that provides businesses a new and unique solution to capture the growing mobile consumer base and to continue engagement without using unpopular spamming tactics.


It is a well-known fact that consumers have a love-hate relationship with ad campaigns. On one hand, consumers love to receive information and promotions of the products that they like. On the other hand, they hate being bombarded by incessant mailers, emails and phone calls. Ideally, consumers would like to conveniently receive updates and promotions of the products that they want and when they want them. The problem is that businesses have no way to find out when and what consumers are looking for. And no, searching the Internet is rarely a convenient way due to the vast amount of information consumers have to sift through, especially when they are away from home.


CandiJar’s innovative solution finally resolves this age-old dilemma. CandiJar allows businesses to create campaign content that can be delivered over the cloud. Consumers engage with the campaigns either through the use of QR codes or embedded URL links with the Spam Free Opt-in System. Once a consumer is engaged, a personalized content site will be created for that user and all subsequent opt-ins will be saved to the same place. In other words, consumers now have a personalized site that contains all the content that they would like to keep and access using their mobile, tablet or PC devices.


Businesses can publish updated campaign information and promotions directly within CandiJar’s consumer engagement platform to entice a purchase. CandiJar’s robust analytic software tracks useful statistics for ad campaigns, real time data on customer activity (what, where, when), and how often customers re-engage a particular campaign. Armed with this valuable information, businesses can now fine-tune their advertising campaigns to further increase ROI. Best of all, this platform is free to both consumers and businesses.


It was such a daunting task to come up with a solution for this age-old dilemma. said Yvonne Li, founder and platform designer. We spent more than a year talking to industrial experts, businesses and consumers to find out their point of views. At the same time, we had to decide on what technologies to use for the delivery of this new solution. We must have scrapped more than a dozen business plans. And finally, we got the answer. Subsequently, we filed a patent on the business process and all the technologies used.


CandiJar will continue to introduce new features that are designed to induce consumer usages. Whenever consumers log in to their personalized site, CandiJar will rotate campaign content so as to optimize the opportunity for consumers to re-engage.


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Founded in 2009 in the heart of Silicon Valley, CandiJar designs and develops Consumer Engagement Platform with mobile apps and web apps. CandiJar’s development team has more than 5 years of experience in developing mobile platforms and enterprise solutions that are well tested in the market. The Spam Free Opt-in System is first of its kind in the industry and is free to both consumers and businesses. The business process and technologies used in the platform is the result of one and a half years of research and development and is currently patent pending. For investor relationship, please contact pr(at)candijar(dot)com. For general information, please contact info(at)candijar(dot)com.


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