CAST Lighting Introduces the Set-in-Stone Wall Light Installation System for Freestanding and Retaining Stone & Block Walls

Hawthorne, NJ (PRWEB) August 30, 2011

CAST Lighting, leading manufacturer of professional-quality landscape lighting, introduces a new installation system as a solution to a prevalent problem. The problem involves the installation of landscape lights in retaining and freestanding walls. Prior to CAST Lighting’s new system, installers would cement wall light fixtures under capstones. This made them impossible to remove or service.


The new CAST Set-in-Stone Wall Light Installation System includes two components: The CAST Set-in-Stone Wall Light Mounting Module and CAST Flexible Conduit. Modules (connected with the conduit) are put in place before the capstone is installed. These components are embedded in the mortar, and then the capstone is put in place. Only after the wall is completely constructed, does the installer insert the fixtures in the modules. Wires may be run through the modules and conduits either before or after the wall is constructed.


Steve Parrott (CAST Lighting’s Communication and Marketing Director) explains the importance of the new system, “The CAST Engineered Wall Light is an extremely popular fixture – often the choice of high-end landscape lighting installers. These installers would often call, and express concern about cementing the fixtures in place, ‘What if I ever have to remove them?’. The Set-in-Stone system eases their concerns since it enables the installer to easily remove fixtures and wires should the need arise.”


CAST Lighting, whose tag line is “Changing the way the world installs landscape lighting”, is well known for their emphasis on the benefits of professional landscape lighting installation. David Beausoleil, president and founder explains, “The driving reason for founding CAST Lighting, was the prevalence of poor quality lights and even poorer methods of installation. Not only did CAST introduce the industry’s most durable solid bronze lighting fixtures, but we also set forth the “CAST System of Landscape Lighting Installation”. This system ensured that all components and connections would last a lifetime; it also ensures the best possible energy efficiency. In the past 10 years, we’ve trained thousands of professionals in this method. Now, we’ve expanded the method to include our Set-in-Stone Wall Lighting Installation System.”


About CAST Lighting

CAST Lighting is a leading manufacturer of professional-quality solid bronze landscape lighting fixtures and low voltage system components. CAST Lighting products are installed in a variety of residential and commercial properties throughout the world. For more information, visit the CAST Lighting website.



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