Cinsay Launches and Opens Public Beta for Smart Container, Promising eCommerce for Everyone, at DEMO Spring 2012

Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) April 18, 2012

Cinsay, Inc., a Texas-based next-generation social video commerce provider, is launching its Smart Container technology at [DEMO Spring 2012 today before the technology industrys most prominent media, analysts, investors and entrepreneurs. The Smart Container is an easy-to-use eCommerce storefront aimed at helping individuals, first-time entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises make money online without a website. Customers will be able to use video, photos and other images to sell their goods and services, take an order and complete the transaction from within the Smart Containers video player.


We are delighted to host Cinsay and have them showcase their new technology this year, said Matt Marshall, executive producer of DEMO. DEMO Spring 2012 is being held April 17-19, 2012 at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara. Cinsays six-minute DEMO stage time is scheduled for 4:40pm today, April 18th, and its DEMO kiosk is #D14.


Everyone here is excited to have been chosen as one of the DEMO Conferences presenting innovators, stated Cinsay, Inc. founder and CEO Christian Briggs. We feel honored that they invited us to participate. Named one of Americas Most Promising Companies by FORBES, Cinsay will also announce the public beta launch of its Smart Container.


eCommerce For Everyone


Briggs asks the question, What if selling on the Internet was as easy as uploading video to YouTube or sharing a post on Facebook or making money on Craigslist? He believes the Smart Containers ease-of-use will make eCommerce a simple action, interaction and transaction for businesses and consumers.


Smart Containers eCommerce, social media, analytics/reporting, CMS and security functionality make it the perfect tool, even for individuals wanting to sell just about anything.


We started Cinsay to bring eCommerce to everybody, said Briggs. With just a few clicks and our iPhone app you can create a viral video online store. It’s a bit like YouTube Meets eBay.


It includes a free merchant account so anyone can sell online on their Facebook, website or blog, he said. Anyone can shoot a video or snap a picture with their iPhone, put them in our viral video shopping cart and start selling on Facebook, Briggs stated. Using our Smart Container store anyone can be in business, because customers can run credit card transactions from inside the player on Facebook, their blogs, websites, or wherever their customers are, he noted.


They can also collect leads, or donations, or link out to any page on the web, said Briggs. As a host/SaaS (software-as-a-service), the Smart Container employs the first comprehensive eCommerce merchant system and content management system disguised as a video player. Our Cinsay Smart Container takes the store with it wherever it is embedded, whether on social websites such as Facebook, blogs, other websites or mobile devices, Briggs emphasized.


Social Commerce Made Real


The Cinsay Smart Container is a social sales engine that can be deployed anywhere the customer may be, said Cinsay senior vice president of marketing and media services Kyle Nelson. Our clients can take our Internet storefront viral by sharing it with their friends, just like they do with photos and videos today, said Briggs. Smart Container is also a lead-generating machine that allows prospects to contact clients from within their videos. This extends the engagement and tells vendors whether leads are qualified, and interested. Once deployed, users can manage Smart Container storefronts from one simple interface, update videos, change products and pricing, launch special promotions and more. Their stores are updated everywhere mobile, social, web — instantly.


To Market, To Market.


Cinsay will help its clients 1) attract, 2) interact and 3) transact on social platforms to drive a meaningful ROI through, its Affiliate Network that attracts an audience of 7 million buyers daily. According to Nelson, trends show the bulk of time people spend online is on Facebook, blogs and other social media sites rather than focus on pay-per-click campaigns, in order to drive prospects to their websites.* We place our storefronts in front of people where they actually are, he stated.


This referral network allows merchants to promote special offers to their affiliates loyal audiences and drive promotional transactions such as sale items, coupons, discounts, rewards programs, giveaways and sweepstakes from within affiliate blog sites and Facebook pages.

(*See Facts on Video boosting brand engagement and E-commerce SOURCE eMarketer:


How It Works


The Smart Container, and the Cinsay Social Commerce Platform overall, help businesses attract new audiences online to their brands and products, make it easy to make a transaction, and then enable interaction between current customers and their trusted networks, on social platforms such as Facebook. Cinsays social commerce platform lets anyone create an online store. Its patent-pending technology makes Cinsay the only company that can deliver a credit card transaction inside a viral video player wherever it may be, so that:

Sales leads can be collected, and linked out to any page on the web.

Users can build a store using the Cinsay iPhone application.

Business (and commerce) can be shared on the web, and they can watch it go viral.

Storefront owners can run transactions through a free merchant account.

They can also change products, prices and videos in their network of stores, any time.

Cinsays social commerce platform has the only in-player transaction processing solution protected by several pending patents. As with Amazons one-click, Cinsay sees its Smart Container transforming eCommerce in the social and mobile marketplace with storefronts that can be shared anywhere and go viral. Cinsays technology leverages best-technologies and open environments to create a scalable, secure, cloud-based environment that can be expanded, as needed by the user. This eCommerce platform provides a rich API, an established developer community and a stable foundation. It is built on a secure transaction processing platform and a content management system that expedite rapid expansion utilizing resources from Akamai, Amazon and RackSpace

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