Doug Wyatt & the Agents of Change Summer 2006 U.S. Tour

Belmont, CA (PRWEB) July 5, 2006

To coincide with the June release of The Dream of I CD, Doug Wyatt will be touring select East and West Coast cities. Performances kick off August 16 at the Nova Express Cafe in Los Angeles (, with others planned in San Francisco, Seattle, Portland (OR), Philadelphia, New York City, Ithaca and Toronto.

Touring with the Agents of Change, Wyatt stays true to the CD concept, bringing in musicians Joann Ellis and Egan J. Bujak to add character and ambience to the live shows. Ellis performs regularly on the New JerseyPhilly circuit. All three artists are trained classically and shows will include solo segments.

Wyatt is perhaps best-known for writing OMS, digital music software that enabled virtually any electronic instrument to communicate with others through a single interface. His musical background includes a longish stint with Mother Mallard. He has played upfront with bands and composed background music for dancers with the likes of David Borden, Robby Aceto and Red Letter, among others. Today Wyatt continues to do good works for the world of digital music at Apple Computer.

Gathering diverse styles ranging from classical, electronic and jazz to pop, The Dream of I represents a segment of a journey, bringing us stories and experiences from Wyatts past and suggesting the many future paths that may be taken. The recording departs from usual construction methods, with live musicians playing parts conceived by digital instruments. Pianist, composer and music software inventor Doug Wyatt offers us his vision of electronic music unplugged.

In composing the album, Wyatt used the computer extensively for orchestration and electronic sound design. He then traveled to Sweden where Christoffer Lundquist (Roxette, Ulf Lundell, Per Gessle, Ed Harcourt) produced the CD at Aerosol Grey Machine Studio. In the studio, the pair transformed the home-recordings with live performances. Wyatt himself plays the grand piano with mastery, while a Swedish string quartet enriches the soundscape. Vocals, too, contrast and blend with classic Minimoog synth sounds and other ear-stretching digital creations, with timpani, live drums, and programmed percussion completing the recording. Wyatt experiments with found instruments (such as wineglasses) and sounds made famous by composers such as John Cage and Harry Partch. Wyatt put together an interactive sampler (posted on his website) of all the instruments after finishing the recording.

The Dream of I lures us into an intricate web that converges classical, electronic, jazz and pop genres; a soundtrack to a mythical filmscape. Often dense and contrapuntal, the CD is a refined and dramatically passionate work. Rumor has it that some 70 tracks were pared in the making of the CD. Which only means we can expect to see more from Wyatt soon perhaps a debut during the tour?

Sonosphere Radio The Sound of Your Mind Blowing

Sponsoring Wyatts late summer tour, Sonosphere Radio ( aims to tease us with a sample from The Dream of I. The weekly podcast (Mondays) offers ample discussion around instruments, software and inspirations, digging into the theory and composition principles behind Wyatts music.

Upcoming Shows 2006 Doug Wyatt & the Agents of Change

16 Aug. (Wednesday): Los Angeles – Nova Express Cafe, 426 N. Fairfax Ave., 9:30 p.m.

18 Aug. (Friday): San Francisco – Lila Theater, 965 Mission St. $ 25, doors at 7 p.m.

Artist Bio

DOUG WYATT has been composing and performing original music since 1979. Wyatt joined the avante-rock group Red Letter in 1992, touring with them and contributing to the 1995 release, True North (V Records). He also appears on Red Letter guitarist Robby Acetos critically-acclaimed 1996 CD Code (Alchemy Records). Wyatts credentials include performing with Mother Mallard, the worlds first synthesizer performance ensemble, from 19982000. He played with the group for their 30th anniversary concert as well as a performance at the Smithsonian with guest Keith Emerson.

Since 1986, Wyatt has written state-of-the-art music software, for which he has attained legendary status among musicians. Indeed, many know him solely as creator of the Open Music System (OMS), which Keyboard magazine hailed in 2000 as one of the greatest technological achievements of the previous 25 years. OMS advanced the digital audio workstation by unifying communication among thousands of input devices such as keyboards, samplers, effects and mixers, and music software. OMS is dead, and Wyatt now works in the Core Audio group at Apple Computer.

Born at the crossroads of music and technology, Doug Wyatt lives and thrives there. To this day he splits his time between his own musical journey and making tools for the rest of us.

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