Electronic Interconnect Offers DFM Service that Catches PCB Design Problems Up Front

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) August 31, 2010

Electronic Interconnect provides Design for Manufacturing (DFM) services automatically for new PCB orders, to detect, identify, and fix PCB design problems before they reach the prototype or production stage. This saves money for customers and prevents PCB manufacturing problems downstream, according to Shehryar Abbasi of EIs Engineering Department. EI is a PCB fabricator, serving design engineers and contract assemblers, providing all types of PCBs from single-sided to complex multilayer circuit boards and Surface Mount (SMT) boards from prototype through production.


Before any PCB design goes to even the prototyping stage, the engineers at EI subject that design to a number of reviews and checks to make sure that the PCB that the customer requests can actually be built, Abbasi says. Quite often, designers will submit the artwork for a PCB that is superb in concept, but may not be compatible with the limits of the PCB manufacturing process.


A PCB design may also create issues for the assembly stage, such as a lack of solder mask between component leads that might cause bridging and shorts during the soldering process, when components are attached to the bare board. All of these things must be looked at in light of DFM, Design for Manufacturability and DRC, Design Rule Check principles and limitations. We dont run files as is; every board that we make initially goes through a comprehensive DFM check Abbasi says.


DFM at EI includes the following checks:


Soldermask clearances — distance to keep mask away from solderable areas;


Soldermask bridges — mask between SMDs to prevent solder bridging during later assembly;


Trace/Pad Widths & Spacing — minimum spacing and trace widths, trace width tolerances allowed;


Copper finish — to determine how much artwork compensation needs to be done for chemical processes.


These are the primary checks, but there are many others. For more information and a complete listing, visit http://www.eiconnect.com.


About Electronic Interconnect


Electronic Interconnect (EI) is a professional printed circuit board manufacturer located in the Chicago area, and manufacturing printed circuit boards in the U.S. since 1985. EI serves design engineers and contract assemblers, providing all types of PCBs from single-sided to complex multilayer circuit boards from prototype through production. EI is ITAR registered, is a member of the Chicago Minority Business Development Council (cmbdc.org), and is ISO and UL certified. For more information, visit http://www.eiconnect.com, or contact the company at 2700 W. Touhy Avenue, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007, Tel. 800-364-4844.



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