Eragy Introduces Energy Management and Smart Home Monitoring Services

Durham, NC (PRWEB) September 21, 2010

Eragy, Inc., a leading provider of smart home software applications and services for home energy management and monitoring, today unveiled their first suite of applications for Control4 dealers and homeowners. With its unique vision, Eragy is the only company in the industry delivering home energy monitoring, intelligent home energy management and smart home monitoring services.

Meeting the need for new smart home services

The Eragy team recognized the need for new smart home services that would allow custom electronics integrators to take advantage of their installed base of smart home customers and generate new sources of revenue. Eragy enables integrators to offer a new suite of software applications that provides sources of both near-term and ongoing recurring revenue. In addition, Eragy enables these same dealers to acquire new customers by offering homeowners desirable new services such as home energy management that are currently unavailable from other sources.

Eragy infrastructure for delivering new applications

Eragys applications and services are enabled by a cloud-based Applications Services Architecture, which enables Eragy to continuously add and enhance applications and allows dealers to continuously offer new services to their customers. Eragys platform allows dealers to easily install new services for their clients and provides the ability for dealers to configure and manage their Eragy clients via a web-based account manager.

Eragy establishes leadership position in home energy management

Eragys initial suite of software applications will enable homeowners to monitor their energy consumption and better understand how they can reduce their energy bills. Eragys products are designed to work with a number of 3rd party energy monitors and will give homeowners several options for whole house and individual circuit monitoring. Homeowners can conveniently access Eragys energy services from their TV screen, iPad, touch screen, smart phone, or web browser.

Eragys intelligent home energy management application provides additional benefits to homeowners. Eragy supports time of use and demand based electricity pricing and enables homeowners with access to these rate options to save up to 30% off their monthly electric bills.

This intelligent home energy management is made possible by Eragys proprietary energy management algorithms that allow homeowners to realize significant energy savings automatically, without any need for a smart grid or other utility notifications. This is coupled with the companys proprietary utility rate engine that tracks both standard plus time of use, tiered, and demand pricing from electrical utilities and automatically feeds this information into Eragys home energy management app to enable homeowners to maximize their savings.

Eragy enables Control4 dealers to generate recurring revenue

Eragys initial products are designed to work seamlessly with affordable Control4

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