New Solution for Logging and Analysing Serial Communications

Corwen, Denbighshire (PRWEB UK) 1 March 2012

The Lineeye LE-200PS can work stand-alone as a data logger or connected to a host PC. It supports RS-232C, RS-422 and RS-485 connections.

Data is logged and time stamped before being stored on a SD card (up to 2GB in size). Data stored on the SD card is protected in the event of power failure whilst being accessed to ensure data integrity. A powerful trigger facility is incorporated to initiate capture at the right time including control of the capture window by an internal real-time clock.

Multiple protocols are supported including ASYNC, ASYNC-PPP, Character SYNC: SYNC/BSC,

and Bit SYNC: HDLC/SDLC/X.25. Decoded information can displayed on the host PC when connected.

The LE-200PS can be fitted to a standard 35mm rail with an optional bracket so the unit can be used to log data in remote equipment for extended periods of time. The unit will operate over a wide temperature range: -10 deg C to +55 deg C.


Lineeye specialises in the development and manufacture of communications protocol analysers and its products are well known and respected worldwide. Lineeye is located in Japan and has a worldwide distribution network.

The Debug Store

The Debug Store distributes Lineeye Communications Analysers in the UK and Ireland. It specialises in supplying embedded systems development tools and electronic test equipment to electronic engineers in the UK and thoughout Europe and is known as “The Electronic Engineers’ Tool Store”. The company was founded and is run by John Legg, an experienced embedded hardware and software engineer whose philosophy has always been to introduce innovative solutions to the embedded systems developer and to back them with both pre and post sales advice and support.


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