Handheld Programmer for Microcontrollers with Just One Button

(PRWEB) July 9, 2005

Kanda has added a PIC microcontroller version to their existing Serial EEPROM and AVR microcontroller Handheld programmers. These programmers are quite unlike complex handheld programmers with loads of buttons and countless menu choices that baffle even the expert engineer.

The key feature is that they have one button and one LED. This means that they are really easy to use, as they are just plugged into a target circuit and the button is pressed. A green light means successful programming and a red light means try again.

The decision about what device to program, what files to use and different Fuse and Security Bit settings is made when the programmer is loaded from the PC, using the simple software supplied. Once the programmer is loaded, no thought is needed to program a target circuit.

Unlike its baby brother, the Kanda key fob programmer, the Handheld Programmer can power a target circuit at a suitable voltage, either using the built-in PP3 battery or an external 9V supply. So, programming a device or updating the firmware in a target microcontroller can be done without a computer or a power supply, and just by pressing one button.

The settings are retained by the programmer even if the battery goes flat, so as many targets can be programmed as required. Once this is accomplished, the programmer is just connected to the PC and different settings are loaded for the next job, and so on as many times as needed.

This programmer has been used on production lines with one programmer for every job, each with a suitable label to eliminate any possibility of error, by unskilled staff without constant supervision. It has also been used to update equipment in the store room or at distributor’s premises when the firmware needs replacing, again without needing an engineer with a laptop. The keyfob and handheld programmers provide an alternative to PCs on the production line or visits by expensive engineers and mean that inexperienced staff or customers can do updates without risk or mistakes.

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About Kanda:

Kanda manufactures and supply a wide range of embedded system tools. We are specialists in In System Programming, low cost emulators and training systems for a wide range of microcontrollers, PLDs and memory devices, including PIC, AVR, ST7 and COP8. We also supply interfaces for USB, CAN Bus and serial to Ethernet conversion.

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