HiTech Global Distribution Announces Immediate Availability of Xilinx Virtex-4 DDR-2 Memory Evaluation Kit

Tokyo, Japan; San Jose CA (PRWEB) January 11, 2005

The Kit contains a complete platform to assist with developing, prototyping, and evaluation of Elpida, Micron, or Samsung DDR-II memory products with Xilinx Virtex-4 FPGAs. The Virtex-4 DDR-II board, populated with two 64MB mounted and two 512 MB DIMM memory components, supports memory data throughput up to 533 Mbps. The General IO header can be used to provide communication between the Virtex-4 FPGA and various option boards such as DVI Tx/Rx, HDMI Tx/Rx, Camera Link I/F, and Optical I/F.


“Hitech Global marketing and engineering teams are very excited about the availability of such a high-performance and versatile Virtex-4 platform” – Said Cyrus Merati Director of Hitech Global Marketing and Application Engineering.


“We are very excited to release the high-speed board mounted Virtex4 to World Wide customers at an early stage in this way. It would not be possible to develop such a board without cooperation of Elpida Memory including the board simulation and the reference design. We will strongly promote continued collaboration with Elpida Memory and HiTech Global Distribution.” –Satoshi Akasaka Manager of TED Technical Marketing.


“The TED and HiTech Global collaboration provides worldwide availability of a complete development and prototyping platform for Xilinx Virtex-4 FPGA and DDR-II based designs“ -Brian Miller Sr. Director of Hitech Global Business Development


Pricing and Availability:


The DDR-2 Memory Design Kit includes a development board using a Xilinx Virtex-4 LX25, LX40, or LX60 device, example design, user’s guide, and localized power supply is readily available to designers around the world. For more information on the design kit, contact Hitech Global or visit http://www.hitechglobal.com/ted/virtex4ddr.htm


Ordering part numbers and prices for the Virtex-4 DDR-2 Memory Design Kit as follow:


•TB-4V-LX25-DDR2-E @$ 1,299 (Mid Feb’05)


•TB-4V-LX25-DDR2-S @$ 1,499 (Mid Mar’05)


•TB-4V-LX25-DDR2-M @$ 1,499 (Mid Mar’05)


•TB-4V-LX40-DDR2-E @$ 1,699 (Q2’05)


•TB-4V-LX40-DDR2-S @$ 1,899 (Q2’05)


•TB-4V-LX40-DDR2-M @$ 1,899 (Q2’05)


•TB-4V-LX60-DDR2-E @$ 1,999 (Mid Feb’05)


•TB-4V-LX60-DDR2-S @$ 2,199 (Mid Mar’05)


•TB-4V-LX60-DDR2-M @$ 2,199 (Mid Mar’05)


E: Elpida Memory


S: Samsung Memory


M: Micron Memory


About HiTech Global Distribution


HiTech Global Distribution, LLC provides embedded system solutions to designers who are looking for IP Cores, Evaluation/Prototyping Boards, EDA, and Debugging tools. HiTech Global also offers printed circuit boards (PCB) design and manufacturing services. Hitech Global is headquartered in San Jose, CA and has satellite offices in North America and Europe. HiTech Global’s web site is at http://www.hitechglobal.com


About TED


Tokyo Electron Device Limited (TED) is a trading company that specializes in electronics components and products. TED provides semiconductors, boards, software and other electronic components on the strength of their worldwide marketing power. As for Xilinx products, TED boasts the top sales as one of Xilinx’s distributors in Japan. TED provides high-value added “inrevium™ design service”, thus attaining numerous achievements in a wide range of fields. Additionally, TED delivers in an international marketplace “inrevium™ products” such as evaluation boards and companion chips using Xilinx devices.


TED’s web-site is at http://www.teldevice.co.jp/eng2



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