How the 10,000 Year Clock Works

The Clock of the Long Now, as it’s officially dubbed, is meant to be an artifact capable of connecting our generation with generations to come. Nobody can predict with any accuracy what the world will look like in 10,000 years. Because there are so many variables, Hillis and his team had to take into consideration conditions in society the present human race doesn’t deal with. This article explains the thought process behind designing and building a functional prototype and breaks down the inner workings of a clock that has to transcend time — literally. We’ll start by learning about the fundamentals of the Long Now Foundation and the reasons behind even considering such a clock in the next section. Take your time. As you’ll find out, there’s no need to hurry.

The Need for Long-term Thinking

The Long Now Foundation wants people to look at everything through the eyes of someone who may live 1,000 years. In other words, step away from the need to run, run, run without regard for your surroundings and take into consideration what your actions may do to the big picture.
Take Earth’s climate, for example. Global warming is an issue that often sparks controversy on all sides. But while people try to devise quick solutions, the Long Now Foundation says it’s important to consider the changes taking place now that will change the way the world works in the future. Long-term thinking gives way to short-term gain.
Hillis and his colleagues claim that if the human race can somehow collectively replace short-term thinking with a long-term approach, the world would ultimately be a better place now and in the future. But people are visual creatures. The need for a beacon — a constant reminder — often is the only way to get a point to stick.
Stonehenge is one such beacon. Speculation of its purpose ranges from an observatory to mark prehistoric events to a burial site. While little is known about the mysterious stone structure in southern England, it has stood as a lasting image of cultural thinking beyond anything seen recently. Hillis believes the Clock of the Long Now would be a present-day cultural reminder of generations past and a constant reminder of long-term thinking [source: Brand].
The clock symbolizes forward thinking, but it’s also designed to function longer than any other clock in the world. On the next page, we’ll begin to learn about its inner workings and the obstacles Hillis had to overcome before the prototype was built.

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