Hybricon Announces the New High Power Extreme Cooling VPX REDI Desktop Chassis

Ayer, MA (PRWEB) February 23, 2007

Hybricon Corporation announces the release of a new VPX REDI Desktop Development Platform designed for today’s high power VPX REDI boards. High power boards and systems have been around for a long time; what’s new is that they are moving from the custom realm into mainstream standards-based applications. The power dissipation levels of today’s emerging high power VITA 46 VPX switch fabric boards just keep increasing; in the past few years power dissipation in the 50W-100W range was the norm, now the range is increasing to 75-150W. Up until now, these 75-150W boards could only be adequately cooled in high performance full sized rack mount enclosures. This can now be accomplished in Hybricon’s Portable VPX REDI Desktop Style enclosure.


The VPX REDI Desktop enclosure is targeted at system engineers and software developers for lab use, and it is designed to the latest VITA 46.0, VITA 46.3, VITA 46.10, VITA 48.0, and VITA 48.1 draft standards. The backplane provides 6 slots based on VITA 48.1 VPX REDI with 1.0″ pitch, including support for 80mm Rear transition Modules. Part of Hybricon’s extreme cooling chassis family, the chassis has a 1.9kW Power Supply and high performance fans with 18 CFM per slot to power and cool the most demanding new VPX boards. Hybricon’s backplanes have been computer simulated in Hybricon’s signal integrity laboratory to ensure low signal cross-talk and trouble-free system operation. The enclosures are available with 2k watts of power.


Additional features include:


Incorporates Forced Air Convection Cooling


Uses two intake fans and two exhaust fans


The fan monitoring runs at

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