Inkstop Stores Bankruptcy Sale to Recoup Money for Creditors Starts Immediately and Offers Holiday Shoppers Huge Savings

Grand Rapids, MI (PRWEB) December 2, 2009

Cleveland, OH -based Inkstop Stores, the nationwide retailer who abruptly locked employees out of stores in October, starts liquidation sale this week to recoup money for creditors. Grand Rapids, Michigan – based Liquid Asset Partners and Chicago – based Solid Asset Solutions will run a liquidation sale of 150 Stores of Merchandise from 30 selected sale stores starting December 5th. The liquidation event will be the largest electronics sale this holiday to buy digital cameras, GPS’s, MP3 players, computer gadgets and printer ink at liquidation prices.


The bankruptcy court order directs Liquid Asset Partners LLC and Solid Asset Solutions LLC to sell all inventory and equipment owned by Inkstop.


“This is the electronics deal of a lifetime!” says Bill Melvin Jr., CEO of Liquid Asset Partners. “For any fans of electronics the deals are too good to miss. You can buy anything from digital cameras, GPS’s, and all the ink you could ever need. We sell at such deep discounts that people fly in from all over the USA! Holiday shoppers will be able to save big on their gifts.”


“These electronics represent a huge inventory to sell during the month of December. To make the sale successful we are prepared to deeply discount the inventory and sell everything in one month!” says Bill Melvin Jr., CEO of Liquid Asset Partners. “We will be selling at enormous discounts, right from the start. For anyone who has a printer, it’s an opportunity to buy printer or copier ink that typically isn’t discounted. Customers can buy not only the ink but also the printers, cameras, and any gadgets for the computer fanatic.”


The Bankruptcy Court order states that everything must be sold. Regardless of cost or loss, millions of dollars worth of inventory will be sold thru 25-35 locations. “The market is very soft and we are prepared to deeply discount everything,” Melvin says. “It’s stacked high and we’re selling it cheap. The public won’t want to miss these deals”.


The liquidation sale starts Saturday, December 5th at the 25-35 selected liquidation locations in Philadelphia, Washington DC, Cleveland, Detroit, Atlanta, St. Louis, Dallas and Denver markets. It is open to the public everyday until everything is sold. Hours of operation are 10am till 7pm Monday thru Saturday and 12noon to 5pm on Sunday. Buyers may view sale locations online at Since stores have been closed for 2 months, the inventory from up to 150 locations will be consolidated to the selected liquidation sites to sell the inventory. The non sale locations will be turned back to the landlords. Creditors include employees, lenders, vendors, suppliers, landlords, and many others.


Background: Liquid Asset Partners is a nationwide firm specializing in Retail and Industrial liquidations & auctions. Some of their 2009 transactions include the liquidation sale of Circuit City’s World Headquarters and eight Distribution Centers and the liquidation of the American Ironhorse Motorcycles factory. The company management has worked in the asset disposition industry since 1975 handling liquidation sales from over 10,000 locations.


Solid Asset Solutions’ strength is retail liquidation – analyzing, planning and executing the liquidation of assets in a retail setting, thereby maximizing the net recovery achieved on the assets. Solid management has taken part in hundreds of liquidation engagements over the past ten years.


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