Innokin New Infinity Variable Voltage E-Cigarette Is Well Received

(PRWEB) February 14, 2012

Innokin just announced its new variable voltage e-cigarette called “Infinity.” E-Smokers feel very excited about this variable voltage e-cigarette.

“This is again something totally new. That’s exactly what users want to know how many puffs can users take before the battery runs out. It is wicked! said Jenny Jenkins, who has been an electronic cigarette fan since 2009.

The Innokin Infinity is a microprocessor controlled variable voltage VV electronic cigarette, smokers can adjust the voltage in seconds with just a few button presses. The Innokin Infinity variable voltage VV e cig can be adjusted from 3.3 5.0 volts in .1 volt increments.

With its built-in digital display, users can dial in the perfect voltage and change modes right on the device without any additional hardware. Users can visually adjust users voltage and access additional user functions on the device in seconds. It’s quick and easy. The Infinity VV electric cigarette will even show users how many puffs are remaining with the unique puffer accouter.

The new Innokin Infinity offers:

The Infinity e-cigarette can be adjusted from 3.3 5.0 volts.

That’s the main difference from an “old” model. Higher voltage produces hotter vapor and requires less drawing to produce the same amount of vapor.

Another difference is in taste. Some juices have a stronger flavor at a higher voltage and others have a stronger flavor at lower power.

A variable voltage e cigarette allows users to experiment and find the best combinations fast.

The Infinity e-cig is designed with an ON/OFF battery switch. Quickly clicking it three times will enable or disable the battery. Once enabled, holding down the button will activate the battery.

The Infinity e-cigs battery utilizes advanced capacity display via green, yellow and red LED lights. Users will know the batteries capacity via the color of the LED Button. The ergonomic manual button design is a combination of European and American concepts.

These features are also present in LEA. Being able to switch off the e-cig makes sure it won’t burn the atomizer in a users pocket.

Green/yellow/red lights make it easy to know when it’s time to charge.

The Infinity e-cigarette has advanced magnet technology between battery and tank atomizer instead of having to screw the atomizer down.

It is something new and cools again. Users may visualize an Apple MacBook charger immediately when I read this super simple to connect, no force needed.

The clear tank allows users to see the amount of liquid inside the tank to avoid dry burning and overheating. The clear tank cartridge (1.2 ml) and non leaking atomizers allow for full flavor and vapor without the use of polyfill like traditional cartridges.

Not sure if the current tank is “clear” or not? It’s certainly transparent and users can see how much liquid is in the tank up to the certain point where the tank connects into the atomizer.

The Infinity electronic cigarette uses a built in DC Port. Users can recharge it with USB DC cable. It can also work as a pass-through for immediate use while charging. It also has short circuit/atomizer protection.

It is the same as the LEA model which can puff while charging without damaging the battery.


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