(PRWEB) July 4, 2003

We now have digital cordless home phones, digital phone systems, with VOiP, IVR, and AVR all of which were invented to be ‘improvements’ of the way we naturally communicate. Interestingly enough it is only ever the inventor of these ideas that seems to understand their benefit, and nearly all have been introduced without the consumers’ knowledge or awareness.


More recent examples include, the change from 192 Directory enquiries, to – now which is, 118500, 118116, 118 11?…..if you asked your partner what number they would use when 192 no longer exists.


An understandable response would be, “When is that happening?” “What does it mean to me?” The point is, something that everyone has used for a long time has changed to offer improvements for all of us. Obviously the benefit of cheaper directory enquiries is enough to entice a small amount of interest but how will the new ‘better’ services ensure we use them?


Performance House Ltd has recently completed an in-depth investigatory benchmark of directory enquiries quality, services and costs.


Without the correct positioning of the 118 directory enquiries offering most consumers will find another comfort zone, and probably pay more, to use their mobile phone because they understand and trust the service that is provided.


Q:Is quality or performance management on all agenda’s?


A: No


Q: Are the new suppliers better than BT?


A: The latest findings of this ‘must read’ report are now available for immediate purchase from Performance House.

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