Integrated Packet Engine and IPSec Solution from Discretix and Mocana


Dscretix, the leading provider of field-proven content protection and embedded security solutions and Mocana, a company focusing on smart device security, announce the availability of an integrated and accelerated packet engine and IPsec solution for mobile devices, smart meters, automobiles and industrial equipment.


Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) is widely deployed to secure the connectivity of all types of smart devices. Used in applications such as 3GPP IWLAN, IMS and corporate VPN, IPsec significantly increases the CPU overhead, making it critical to optimize power consumption as network throughputs increase.


The new joint solution offered by Discretix and Mocana offloads compute-intensive IPsec traffic from the main CPU, resulting in dramatically better performance with lower power consumption. Leveraging both companys embedded security know-how, the joint offering is optimized for smart devices in terms of power consumption, gate-count, software footprint and yielded throughputs.


The solution combines the state-of-the-art Discretix’ Packet Engine Semiconductor IP along with Mocanas NanoSec ( best-of-breed IPsec software stack. The resulting integrated hardware and software solution allows SoC vendors to provide complete systems to OEMs over Android and other operating systems. The solution supports different types and levels of host offloading, ranging from cryptography offloading all the way to packet classification and full IPsec data plane processing.


The Internet isnt a network of PCs anymore. Its a network of devices, and their security requires a whole different skill set. Mocana and Discretix have it! Both companies draw on deep embedded security expertise to create this offering. We think OEMs will see a lot of value in a joint solution from two of the biggest names in embedded security said Kurt Stammberger, CISSP and VP of Market Development for Mocana.


The combination of Mocanas and Discretix best-of-breed technologies provides an optimal solution and has been embraced by Tier 1 mobile IC vendors said Amit Shofar, VP Business Development of Discretix. Our field proven solutions hit the power-performance sweet spot of devices.


About Discretix:

Discretix’ security solutions are deployed in a wide range of consumer electronics devices enabling services and applications, while protecting the device and its contents. Discretix’ products include embedded security co-processors and a broad range of security applications. The solutions are tightly integrated into the device, enhancing security without compromising the user experience. Discretix, a privately-owned company, serves the needs of some of the world’s best-known semiconductor and device manufacturers and has been consistently ranked among the leaders of the embedded security market. For more information, please visit


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