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Denver, CO (PRWEB) April 27, 2010

Every year, businesses and government entities are put at risk for closures and large losses of money when damaged by disaster. RescueTech is proud to offer the Information Technology Recovery Program for Risk Managers and businesses. With 24 hour response, project priority, electronic risk assessments, fire, smoke & water restoration, as well as lightning inspections, members of the ITR Program have experienced savings of 50 percent or more (thousands of dollars per claim) compared to replacement costs in the event of disasters.

Damage to electronics is devastating and expensive. Fire, smoke, water (rain or hail damage, burst pipes, overhead sprinklers), lightning, drywall dust, glycol, and other contaminants are extremely harmful to electronic components. According to Cory Matthews, Technical Director at RescueTech, “any of these contaminants can cause circuit board corrosion over time and cause the component to stop functioning properly, or at all. Immediate recovery is critical.” Failure, network problems, poor picture and sound quality, or loss of data are all potential risks of contamination.

Private and Public Sector Risk Managers benefit from the ITR Program in a variety of ways. Business downtime is detrimental to the survival of a business. Minimizing this downtime is the ultimate goal of the program. Janet Van Zant, a Technical Computer Resource Teacher in the Douglas County School District recognized the effect of business downtime; “losing a computer lab with scheduled classes most periods of each day was tough and RescueTech recognized how important a rapid response was to usAnd the lab was back in business in a third of the time (minimum) it would have taken us to replace everything with new equipment.” Eliminating information replacement and retraining of employees, faster turn-around times than reordering, and partial recovery of losses all help a business, office, or entity start working again more quickly. Also, recovery at a fraction of replacement costs helps eliminate the “true costs” of replacement of items (ordering components, software, add-ons, etc.).

Call RescueTech to setup a meeting and presentation about the ITR Program, at 303.380.1708. Prospective members will receive a detailed package of information about the ITR Program, meet the professionals they will be working with, and have an electronic risk assessment performed. It is the goal of RescueTech to develop a strong relationship with each member and to be a reliable service in the event of disaster.

About RescueTech:

RescueTech is the leading technical loss specialist in the Rocky Mountain Region. Serving Colorado, the Front Range and beyond, RescueTech offers the highest quality service for technology damaged by disaster, from small homes to large commercial sites. Specializing in fire, smoke and water damage, top results are consistently provided. With excellent knowledge and experience, recovery of damaged electronic equipment can be efficient and cost effective. In most cases, affected items are recovered for less than 50 percent of replacement cost. RescueTech takes pride in having trained technicians and the proper equipment to take care of electronics affected by a disaster. For more information about RescueTech and to see pictures of previous experience, please visit


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