Intelligent Calling Bell

We see in all house we have calling bells. We go and search for the switch and Ring the bell. IF no one is in home we don’t know it and ring the bell again and again. To over come that in this project i make Intelligent Calling Bell. Which sense the incoming person coming and Tell them ‘Please wait i am on the way to open the door’ and it also tell loudly in side the house. If no one is in the home it tell us ‘Sorry We are not in home’. The status is updated using a single push button.

Step 1: Materials Required

1) Linikit one board.

2) Motion Detector.

3) Speaker

4) LCD display

5) Push Button

6) Memory card

7) Plain PCB

8) Wires and Soldering.

Step 2: Circuit Plan

1) Use push button connected in pin A1 to to select the status.

2) No of status is up to our requirement.

3) For each status we have a mp3 file in the sd card.

4) LCD display is used to show what status i selected with out making noise to house owner while select, it is connected to the TX of the Linkit one board serail1.

5) Important one is motion detector connected to A0 is used to find the motion in front of the gate and play the message as per status.

Step 3: Linkit One Setup

1) According to number of status u want to input. That number of mp3 files must be recorded in the memory card with names 1,2,3….

2) Insert the memory card in the Micro SD card slot in the back side of the linkit one board.

3) In the front side of the board u see SD/SPI switch. select the Switch to SD.

Step 4: Program

1) Initialize the Sd card.

2) Read from EEPROM find the current status.

3) If any motion is detected in the A0 pin then play the selected mp3 file.

4) Wait up to play complete. If even though it found movement again the message play.

5) If the Push button is press by the house owner then the status changed from 1 to 2 like wise.

6) the current status is stored in EEPROM to know the status even after restart.

7) At every boot read the EEPROM and set it as current status.


If u select 2 and it shows in display ‘out message’. Then when some one come it tell no one in home come tomorrow.

Step 5: Testing

1) connect the speakers to the Linkit one board.

2) Connect the power supply adapter to linkit one board.

3) Fix the shield and fix the sensor infront of the shield.

4) Now all ready if move inside the sensor the speaker play the mp3 as per selection.

I record some funny Tamil cinema dialogue.

Step 6: Boxing the Circuit and Sensor

1) Put the whole assembly inside the box . the box is thin so cant want to put hole for switch. We can acess the switch over the top.

2) Make a connector cable for sensor to Board with long wire.

3) Take a Old Cd and make a center hole big.

4) Fix the sensor to the center of the CD.

5) Now all are ready.

Step 7: Fitting

1) Fix the Sensor cd in the maindoor side.

2) Put the speaker on the one speaker on the Top of the Entrance.

3) Fix the box on the side of the main door.

4) And another speaker on the top of the inside of the door.

5) Connect the power supply for Indicator and Speaker.

Step 8: Live Trial

Here is the live trial taken. Its all work fine.

Here i play a mp3 in Tamil language(Tamil cinema comedy dialogue).

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