IPFlex and Marubun Sign Sales Distribution Agreement

Tokyo, Japan (PRWEB) March 5, 2005

IPFlex Inc. signed a sales distributorship agreement with Marubun Corp. for the entire lineup of IPFlex products including the DAPDNA-2* Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor**, DAPDNA-FW II Integrated Development Environment, and DAPDNA-EB5 Evaluation Kit.

With March 2005 marking the 1st anniversary of the launch of DAPDNA-2 sales, the product is entering its market-penetration phase as user systems powered by DAPDNA-2 starting to appear in the market.

With overseas marketing and sales efforts starting this January and the signing of this sales distributorship agreement, IPFlex is aggressively promoting sales both domestically and abroad as it seeks to make further inroads in new industries and to gain new customers.

Through these measures to increase sales, IPFlex is aiming to surpass US$ 50 million in annual sales three years from now.

Last March, IPFlex became the world’s first company to bring a dynamically reconfigurable processor, “DAPDNA-2,” into the market. The product has been well received by many customers as demonstrated by over 100 design tool licenses being sold (announced February 9, 2005).

The new sales distribution agreement will enable IPFlex to strengthen its sales efforts of DAPDNA-2 targeting industrial and medical image processing applications as well as network security applications. In addition, the broad sales channels possessed by Marubun, one of Japan’s leading independent semiconductor distributors, will help IPFlex develop heretofore unexplored markets and customers.

Not only will IPFlex products become easier to purchase through expansion of the IPFlex sales network, customers will also have easier access to a variety of services such as technical support, product updates, and support for sales and technical inquiries.

Marubun Senior Vice President Yoichi Endo commented: “The dynamically reconfigurable processor technology from IPFlex is a new concept in product design which we regard highly. Through our partnership with IPFlex, we will be able to quickly bundle IPFlex products with our wide variety of high performance and cost-effective line card products to customers. Through our sales collaboration, we seek to further develop our goal of providing comprehensive solutions for semiconductors.”

About the DAPDNA-2 Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor

DAPDNA-2 is the world’s first dynamically reconfigurable processor, capable of changing its internal hardware configuration instantly.

The DAPDNA-2 is a dual-core processor, comprised of a high-performance RISC processor core, called the DAP, and the dynamically reconfigurable core, the DNA, a two-dimensional array of 376 processing elements (PEs). The DAPDNA-2 can change its hardware configuration to provide the optimal circuitry for an application on demand. This configuration change can take place not only when the system is designed, but also during operation, dynamically, in a single clock cycle***, to meet the instantaneous change in needs of applications implemented by the system.


DAPDNA: Digital Application Processor / Distributed Network Architecture ** Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor: A processor capable of dynamically switching the circuit configuration.

*** A single clock cycle: One clock switching operation is possible by creating configuration information beforehand and storing in the background configuration banks.

About Marubun

Marubun Corp. is a leading Japanese independent semiconductor distributor that sells leading domestic and foreign electronics products such as semiconductors, primarily integrated circuits, and electronic application devices. Marubun handles products from companies such as Texas Instruments, Philips, Seiko Epson, and Freescale. In 1998, Marubun created a partnership with the world’s leading semiconductor distributor, Arrow Electronics of the U.S., to establish Marubun/Arrow. The company seeks to provide global service support for customers seeking to transfer their production operations overseas. For more details on Marubun, visit: http://www.marubun.co.jp/english/index_e.jsp .

About IPFlex

IPFlex Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company founded in March 2000. IPFlex supplies high performance, multifunctional processors that are dynamically reconfigurable. IPFlex also provides development environment software, evaluation boards, and peripheral interface products for these processors. With its DAPDNA Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor and DAPDNA Integrated Development Environment, based on the Software to Silicon concept, IPFlex provides tools to shorten development cycles, increase product functionality, and swiftly support application modification. For more information, please visit: http://www.ipflex.com/.

IPFlex, DAPDNA, and Software-to-Silicon are registered trademarks of IPFlex in Japan. Other corporate and product names are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners

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