Kingspan Introduces Literature on WikiSTIK Product Information Tool for Architects and Specifiers

Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) May 15, 2012

Kingspan Insulated Panels North America, a global manufacturer of insulated metal panels for building construction, has announced that the company will introduce a new Kingspan WikiSTIK at the national AIA Convention and AIA Expo2012 (booth #505) and distribute it free to architects.


WikiSTIK is a flash drive-based technology that contains Kingspan product literature and technical information, and can be updated automatically online. The embedded third-party technology combines the idea of a product binder commonly used by architects and other building professionals along with the simplicity of a flash drive with auto-synching. More convenient than downloading brochures from a website, the flash drive updates the users electronic documents every time its synched.


Because of the virtual nature of the technology, Kingspan is able to provide all of the materials that normally appear in an architectural binder as well as a variety of other documents without paper or shipping. Traditional binders are also big and unwieldy, while Kingspan WikiSTIK is convenient, small and easily portable.


Kingspans WikiSTIK includes information about the companys Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) a first in the insulated panel business as well as data sheets, specifications, CAD details, load tables, installation manuals, images and more.


How WikiSTIK works


WikiSTIK is simple and easy to use. Kingspan uploads its literature files to a server where they are catalogued for the proprietary system and subsequently managed and modified through a control panel. When architects or other end-users connect and sync their Kingspan WikiSTIK flash drive, they immediately receive the latest document versions. Previous versions are removed so outdated information is no longer available.


WikiSTIK delivers information as quickly and easily as a conventional company binder, with the convenience of the Web. Users receive up-to-date information without having to go look for it. At Kingspan we always strive to get our product information out to the public in the clearest, most user-friendly way possible, says Andrea Peters, Kingspan marketing director. The synching application is easy and convenient, so its ideal for busy architects who need current Kingspan information.


Kingspans WikiSTIK Another step for sustainability


Kingspans introduction of their WikiSTIK is also consistent with their reputation as an early adopter of new media and sustainable processes. Other progressive technologies adopted by the company have included green, paperless and cost-effective methods for distributing company and product information.


Kingspan has recently introduced an iBook product brochure, and in 2011 the company made available a digital edition of its well-known Black Book, which includes design and sustainability information on the companys Benchmark Architectural product line. The company also introduced mobile applications, including a calculation and design app that guides architects in how to use its Path to NetZero approach to designing buildings with very low energy usage needs.


To learn more about Kingspan and the companys line of innovative, products, visit the company at


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About Kingspan Insulated Panels North America

Based in Deland, Florida, Kingspan Insulated Panels North America is a global leader in the manufacturing of insulated metal panels, providing unsurpassed service to U.S. and Canadian markets as well as export destinations. The company has five North American production locations: Deland, Fla., Modesto, Calif., Columbus, Ohio, Caledon, Ont. and Langley, B.C. Kingspan insulated panels are manufactured as a single component system with high R-value, unsurpassed airtightness and superior moisture control suitable for new and retrofit buildings. As the most energy-efficient, cost-effective building envelope solutions, insulated metal panels are at the forefront of sustainability. Kingspan insulated metal panels are a significant first step to achieving net-zero energy building and consistently contribute to U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED

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