LTM4641 – 38V, 10A DC/DC µModule Regulator with Advanced Input and Load Protection


  • Wide Operating Input Voltage Range: 4.5V to 38V
  • 10A DC Typical, 12A Peak Output Current
  • Output Range: 0.6V to 6V
  • ±1.5% Maximum Total Output DC Voltage Error
  • Differential Remote Sense Amplifier for POL Regulation
  • Internal Temperature, Analog Indicator Output
  • Overcurrent Foldback and Overtemperature Protection
  • Current Mode Control/Fast Transient Response
  • Parallelable for Higher Output Current
  • Selectable Pulse-Skipping Operation
  • Soft-Start/Voltage Tracking/Pre-Bias Start-Up
  • 15mm × 15mm × 5.01mm BGA Package

   Input Protection

  • UVLO, Overvoltage Shutdown and Latchoff Thresholds
  • N-Channel Overvoltage Power-Interrupt MOSFET Driver
  • Surge Stopper Capable with Few External Components

   Load Protection

  • Robust, Resettable Latchoff Overvoltage Protection
  • N-Channel Overvoltage Crowbar Power MOSFET Driver

Typical Application

For more detail: LTM4641 – 38V, 10A DC/DC µModule Regulator with Advanced Input and Load Protection

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