Maxim’s MAX20075 mini buck converter helping improve automotive ECU design with a low-Iq buck converter.

The MAX20075/MAX20076/MAX25276 are small, synchronous buck converters with integrated high-side and low-side switches. The MAX20076/MAX25276 are designed to deliver up to 1.2A and the MAX20075 up to 0.6A, with 3.5V to 36V input voltages. The devices provide an accurate output voltage of ±2% within the normal operation input range of 6V to 18V. With 20ns minimum on-time capability, the converter is capable of large input-to-output conversion ratios. Voltage quality can be monitored by observing the PGOOD signal. The devices can operate in dropout by running at 99% duty cycle, making them ideal for automotive and industrial applications. The devices offer two fixed output voltages of 5V and 3.3V. In addition, the devices can be configured for 1V to 10V output voltages using an external resistor-divider. Frequency is internally fixed at 2.1MHz, which allows for small external components and reduced output ripple, and guarantees no AM interference. The devices offer pin-enabled spread-spectrum-frequency modulation designed to minimize EMI-radiated emissions due to the modulation frequency.

The MAX20075/MAX20076 /MAX25276 are available in small (3mm × 3mm) 12-pin TDFN and side-wettable TDFN packages with an exposed pad, and use very few external components.

Key Features

  • Synchronous DC-DC Converter with Integrated FETs
    • MAX20075 = 0.6A IOUT
    • MAX20076/MAX25276 = 1.2A IOUT
    • For applications requiring low quiescent current/ skip mode operation, please refer to MAX20075D/ MAX20076D/MAX25276D. This device is only recommended for FPWM operation
  • 20ns Minimum On-Time Small Solution Size Saves Space
    • 2.1MHz Frequency
    • Programmable 1V to 10V Output for the Buck, or Fixed 5V/3.3V Options Available
    • Fixed 2.5ms Internal Soft-Start
    • Fixed Output Voltage with ±2% Output Accuracy (5V/3.3V), or Externally Resistor Adjustable (1V to 10V) with ±1.5% FB Accuracy
    • Innovative Current-Mode-Control Architecture Minimizes Total Board Space and BOM Count
  • PGOOD Output and High-Voltage EN Input Simplify Power Sequencing
  • Protection Features and Operating Range Ideal for Automotive Applications
    • 3.5V to 36V Operating VIN Range
    • 40V Load-Dump Protection
    • 99% Duty-Cycle Operation with Low Dropout
    • -40°C to +125°C Automotive Temperature Range
    • AEC-Q100 Qualified


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