Micro Oscillator, Inc. Achieves Breakthrough in Clock Oscillator Technology

Bala Cynwyd, PA (PRWEB) September 15, 2004

Micro Oscillator, Inc. (MOI), an innovative provider of all-silicon CMOS-based clock oscillators, today announced that it has designed and patented a 32kHz clock oscillator, the MOI-32.


“We have a proven design for our 32kHz clock oscillator,” said Fred Mirow, President, MOI. “Once realized in silicon, the MOI-32 will match the performance of 32kHz crystals.”


The MOI-32 will be a 32kHz all-silicon CMOS-based clock oscillator that can replace 32kHz crystals in microprocessor and microcontroller based systems. The patented temperature compensated oscillator will operate at 0.01%, or 100ppm, total frequency accuracy over the temperature and voltage range without using quartz crystals or other external components for frequency determination.


The MOI-32 will have a main frequency of 32.768kHz, and other kHz frequencies can be realized. The total tolerance will be 0.01%, or 100ppm, over a standard temperature range of 0C to 70C. Total tolerance is inclusive of initial frequency tolerance, tolerance over temperature and voltage, and long-term tolerance. The MOI-32 will also operate over an industrial temperature range of -40C to 85C with a total tolerance of 0.025%, or 250ppm.


The MOI-32 will operate at 3V or 1.8V. Current consumption will be extremely low at 50A.


The MOI-32 will be very durable and reliable. Unlike 32kHz crystals that rely on mechanical vibration for frequency generation, the MOI-32 will generate its frequency through an integrated circuit with no mechanical vibration. All applications, especially those in automotive and industrial will, benefit from the robustness of the MOI-32.


Today, 32kHz crystals are used in almost every electronic product in the market. Every mobile handset has a 32kHz crystal for sleep mode timing and every PC has a 32kHz crystal for Real Time Clock (RTC) functionality. According to estimates from iSuppli, the market for 32kHz crystals was over 2.7 billion units in 2003, and will grow to over 3.9 billion units in 2008.


The MOI-32 will match the performance of 32kHz crystals. The key advantage that the MOI-32 will bring to the market is the ability to integrate. Given that the MOI-32 will be a standard CMOS integrated circuit (IC), it can be integrated into other silicon ICs. Integration will never be possible with 32kHz crystals.


MOI plans to start sampling the MOI-32 in the second quarter of 2005.


About Micro Oscillator, Inc.


Micro Oscillator, Inc. (MOI) is revolutionizing the way that microcontrollers are clocked with its all-silicon CMOS-based clock oscillators. The Micro Oscillator™ is a CMOS integrated circuit using MOI’s patented temperature and voltage compensation technology. The Micro Oscillator can achieve precise frequency accuracy over the temperature and voltage range without using ceramic resonators, quartz crystals or other external components for frequency determination. For more information, please visit http://www.micro-oscillator.com.



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