Micron Optics Releases Free ENLIGHT 1.5 Optical Sensing Software

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) May 17, 2012

Micron Optics, Inc., the leading provider of innovative equipment for fiber optic sensing, today announces the major new release of Micron Optics ENLIGHT Sensing Analysis Software version 1.5 available for a free download from the Micron Optics website. ENLIGHT software combines the traditional features of conventional sensor software with the specific needs of the optical sensor system to create a single software tool for the optical sensor system integrator. This new version enhances existing features and adds new functionality, principally in the areas of data management, archiving, analysis, and access for users of Micron Optics optical sensing interrogators and sensors. Many of these new functions are organized in the new Archive tab and are built upon the strong foundation that users have been accustomed to with previous versions of ENLIGHT.


The new ENLIGHT Data Archive provides users with a reliable baseline of data storage functionality that is both complementary and completely independent from the existing user-selected data saving options located on the Save tab. The ENLIGHT Data Archive serves as a data safety net: an ever-present archival data store that is active from the moment the first FBGs and sensors are defined.


Micron Optics supports several paths to provide access to the Archive. Users can query the database using the ENLIGHT Remote Command interface or TCP commands or the ENLIGHT Web Interface Microsoft Silverlight Application. This App enables the user to retrieve and display data stored in the ENLIGHT Data Archive using a web browser.


The users have driven development of this powerful new feature set. With ENLIGHT 1.5s Data Archive you wont be faced with a situation where you need to evaluate a past event and find that no data is available. Data will be there, dependably, in a local Data Archive, accessible when you need it said Tom Graver, VP of Optical Sensing. The Archive also provides a uniform and reliable source of data for Micron Optics applications engineers to use in assisting users with their particular applications.


Additional new features in ENLIGHT 1.5 include:

User adjustable time scale and data logging rates
User scalable storage allocation (from 0.5 to 3.5GB)
Query tools (i.e., filters) for simple retrieval of target FBG and sensor data
Basic data vs. time plotting tools for analysis
FTP data transfer function
Embedded tools for module diagnostics

Pricing and Availability


Upgrading is easy and free. Go to http://www.micronoptics.com/sensing_software.php today to download your copy. This file set will include all necessary files to upgrade your ENLIGHT installation and instrument firmware to use all of the new functions of ENLIGHT 1.5.


Learn more about ENLIGHT software and these new features in the ENLIGHT manual found here: http://micronoptics.com/support_downloads/Manual.pdf

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