Micro/sys Releases First Rugged StackableUSB Accelerometer Module with Analog & Digital I/O

Montrose, CA (PRWEB) January 26, 2009

For the first time, the rugged embedded world can incorporate an accelerometer into an embedded system with USB and still meet the reliability demands of rugged and harsh environments. The Micro/sys RoHS-compliant USB1600 is a tri-axial accelerometer solution which can be configured for sensing ranges from 1.5g – 200g making it the ideal solution for a wide range of motion sensing applications. Simple software algorithms can be used in conjunction with the module to determine linear motion as well as rotational motion, eliminating the need for an expensive gyro. Furthermore, the USB1600 comes equipped with an RS232 level UART, SPI interface, I2C interface, and 20 pins that are user-configurable as analog input or digital I/O. All of these features are packed into a compact footprint measuring only 1.85″ x 1.78″, one-quarter the size of the 104 Form Factor.

The USB1600 communicates with a host through the USB interface via an onboard 48-MIPS microcontroller which comes pre-programmed with firmware for use straight out of the box.

The USB1600 can also serve as a standalone module for applications where space may be limited. With designers in mind, Micro/sys offers an easy-to-use development kit that includes the board with all options installed, a complete cable set, sample software, and full documentation.

The USB1600 does not require a cable to utilize the USB technology, although one can be added if needed. Instead, the module uses the rugged StackableUSB connector. The StackableUSB technology ensures that the USB1600 easily tolerates industrial grade shocks and vibrations.

The basic USB1600 starts at $ 275 in single quantity. Significant OEM discounts are available. Contact Technical Sales Dept., Micro/sys, Inc., 3730 Park Place, Montrose, CA 91020, phone (818) 244-4600, FAX (818) 244-4246, email: info(at)embeddedsys.com, URL: http://www.embeddedsys.com.

About Micro/sys:

Micro/sys has been manufacturing OEM industrial microcomputer products since 1976, including board-level products and integrated computers. Micro/sys embedded computers are specified by OEMs in semiconductor processing, medical, mail handling, pharmaceutical, industrial marking, process control, and many other industries.

About StackableUSB:

StackableUSB brings USB to compact spaces opening up opportunities in industrial control systems, plus mobile, hand-held, military, medical, and remote communications applications. Visit http://www.StackableUSB.org for more information on StackableUSB and its ability to increase throughput as technology advances.


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