New Ground Protector Fills a Missing Gap in the Power Quality Equation

Canton, NC (PRWEB) September 13, 2011

The Ground Transient Protector installs in series with the ground wire, directly into the device that needs protecting and eliminates surges from those ground lines. GTP technology protects valuable equipment from surges, pulses, spikes and transients that are caused by lightning strikes and other power surges found in most facility grounding systems.


Many manufacturers power conditioning products only offer normal mode protection (line to neutral), resulting in no protection on the ground line side. Another consideration when shunting a high voltage transient to the ground is that the surge becomes bi-directional along the ground line. Not all of the transient energy goes to the ground; a large part can flow up the ground wire and enter valuable equipment, resulting in costly damage to systems and loss of productive time. GTP prohibits high voltage surges from becoming bi-directional and keeps them away from sensitive/critical electronics and other equipment.


The GTP is a passive filter that works by opposing changes in electron flow on the ground wire. This slows the damaging rise and fall time of a transient voltage waveform rather than clipping it off, controlling frequency rather than amplitude. This is the first filtering device that has been UL Recognized to go directly on the ground line of electronic equipment to prevent disruptions in operation. This device does not replace surge protection. It works in compliment with Surge Suppression Devices, addressing ground transients that common mode surge technologies do not.


Altec Corporations Ground Transient Protector is the worlds first UL and CE approved filtering device that is designed to safely install in series with the ground line of electronic equipment. When installed correctly, the GTP will not allow harmful transient voltages to pass through the ground line and interfere with the DC logic bus of electronic equipment; providing a reliable solution that has been missing from the power quality equation.


Alltec Corporation is the global leader in the design, manufacture, and installation of lightning protection, grounding systems, and surge protection devices. As Solution Providers for an Energized World, they offer a comprehensive facility protection approach to solving the worlds most difficult lightning, grounding, and power quality problems.


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