New Plug-and-Play Display Controller Board for Embedded Graphical User Interface Design from Amulet Technologies

Campbell, CA (PRWEB) April 13, 2011

Amulet Technologies, a recognized leader in high-performance graphical user interface (GUI) solutions for embedded systems, announced today the availability of their latest product innovation, the GEMboard II (CBC-2). This new plug-and-play production display controller board includes everything for driving many popular 5.7″ to 10.4″ displays up to 640×480 (VGA) color LCDs, including support for backlight and touch panels. Effective immediately, the GEMboard II will be available through select distributors worldwide.


The Amulet GEMboard II integrates easily with many 5.7″ displays and comes standard with a 33-pin connector and flat panel cable. A 31-pin connector is optional for supporting a variety of other displays. It also includes an Amulet GEM Graphical OS Chip, a 32-megabit serial flash for storing GUI pages, and a 64-megabit SDRAM, two touch panel connectors, as well as two LED backlight connectors to accommodate a variety of 5.7″ displays.


GEMboard II customers, like all Amulet customers, can experience the unique benefits of designing their GUI with GEMstudio, the easiest, fastest and most flexible graphical user interface (GUI) design tool in the embedded space. GEMstudio integrates tools for visual layout, interactive PC based simulation, and programming of the flash memory in the target embedded hardware. Its a true WYSIWYG GUI design tool that requires no coding for the GUI design. Using the GEMstudio drag-and-drop GUI development environment for creating color touchscreen human-machine-interfaces (HMIs) for embedded systems allows designers to create smartphone-like user interfaces in days or weeks, instead of months, or years.


About Amulet Technologies

As a recognized leader in high-performance embedded graphical user interface solutions, Amulet enables product designers to easily achieve smartphone-like interfaces on new and existing microcontroller based products. Amulets innovative GUI development tools reduce development time down to days, instead of months, or years. This allows for the many design iterations that are required to create the best user experience possible. With production hardware solutions ranging from chips to fully integrated modules, the flexibility is nearly endless.


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Amulet Technologies

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Amulet Technologies

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