NuVision to Unveil Deep Black LED DLP TV at EH Expo Spring 2006

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) April 12, 2006

NuVision is proud to announce that it will unveil its new 1080p DLPTM television technology, which will revolutionize the industry and provide some of the best TV picture quality available. The technology features a Deep Black LED light engine in a 52 prototype rear projection TV cabinet design along with its line of critically acclaimed Deep Black LCD televisions at the 2006 Electronic House Expo (EHX), held from March 30 April 1 at the Orange County Convention Center (Orlando, Fla.), booth #1608.

The NuVision line of Deep Black LED DLP television will initially be available in a 52 model with larger screen models targeted for later this year. As aesthetics, performance and integration friendly features become increasingly important for todays consumer, NuVision will continue the tradition and debut one of the worlds first LED illuminated DLP televisions at the EH Expo explained Scott Deley, NuVision CEO.

NuVision Deep Black LED DLP rear projection televisions utilize individual red, green, and blue super bright LEDs to replace conventional lamps used to illuminate all DLP rear projection systems in the market today. The LED light outputs are controlled to an incredible degree of accuracy through the proprietary NuVision DSDB (Digital Switching Deep Black) system. This contributes to deeper blacks by precisely controlling the LED output during dark scenes while producing an unprecedented wide color gamut resulting in deeper, more brilliant colors that exceed even the NTSC color gamut specification. Finally, the adjustable white point and color optimization provides a new level of grey scale and color precision never before available.

Besides the spectacular improvements in color accuracy brilliance, contrast and black levels, the NuVision Deep Black LED Light Engine other important benefits

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