Particle Photon – Get Start With Easy IoT

I’m trying to learn more about IoT and I found an amazing device – Particle Photon.

This tutorial will teach you make easy IoT stuff with Particle Photon. It’s a super small device that includes everything you need to deploy an IoT product: a device cloud platform, connectivity hardware, and even SIMs for cellular products.

I want to use Lattepanda to collect the data from Particle and do some analysis job on it. LattePanda is a Win10 SBC that can perfectly work as a Home automation control center due to it’s small size and powerful performance. Or you can just use LattePanda as a normal computer and watch Superbowl 2018 and Grammys at home.

Nowadays, smart home is a super hot topic and Amazon Alexa is one of the most famous products. Can’t wait to see the most advanced technology on CES 2018!!

(I used to use Blynk to play IoT, you can see the tutorial here.)

Source: Particle Photon – Get Start With Easy IoT

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