Parvus to Offer CompactFlash IDE Adapter for Embedded Computers, Supporting Both Type I and Type II Cards with 40 or 44-Pin IDE Connections

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (PRWEB) August 18, 2004

Parvus® Corp. today announced the expected release of its CFII-IDE™ remote CompactFlash® to IDE adapter, flexibly designed with both 40-pin (0.10″) and 44-pin (2mm) IDE connectors. Fully compatible with Type I and Type II cards, the adapter enables both solid-state CompactFlash and IBM® Microdrive® media to be used as a bootable IDE (ATA) disk drive in any computer with an IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) interface.


This low-cost, highly functional product features power and drive activity LED indicators, a master/slave selection jumper, four mounting holes, and front panel mounting brackets. Transparent to the operating system (OS), the CFII-IDE does not require any device drivers to work with DOS®, Windows®, Linux®, and any other PC-based operating systems. A CompactFlash card appears as a small IDE hard disk drive to the BIOS and OS.


The product’s small size and versatile design make it an ideal solution for embedded systems requiring reliable, removable Flash memory storage. CompactFlash provides a robust, low-current, low-operating temperature, and highly reliable storage solution for embedded computing applications.





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