Polyonics Introduces Double Coated ESD, Flame Retardant and High Temperature Engineered Tapes and Films

Westmoreland, NH (PRWEB) January 17, 2012

Polyonics has added double coated options to its new family of high temperature, single-coated engineered tapes and films. The tapes provide effective high strength means to mount components where additional temperature protection, ESD static dissipation, high dielectric strength and/or flame retardants may be required. The tapes include a variety of pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) and liners to suit most die cutting processes.

The tapes are also ideal for temporarily mounting components during certain portions of the manufacturing process. In addition, they are also ideal solutions for simple to highly complex laminate constructions where ESD, high temperature or flame retardant performance is required such as flex circuits, printed electronics, etc.

The tapes are designed to withstand the harsh temperature and chemical conditions found in PCB reflow processes including exposure to 260C, flux, solder, cleaners, etc. The tapes offer a very high dielectric strength so can be used in high voltage areas where a strong insulation and/or isolation material is needed between windings, current loops, flex circuits, transformers, etc.

360 Degree ESD Protection

The double coated ESD tapes use TriboGard technologies to produce surface resistivities of 10^5 to 10^9 Ohms, chart bottom right. This range of values has proven to be ideal for the dissipation of electrostatic charges generated either by triboelectric (touch), inductive (proximity) and capacitive coupling (operation). Electrostatic charges can arise from ether the human body (HBM) or charged device (CDM) models. The dramatic impact the Polyonics ESD tapes have in helping safely dissipate static charges is described in the charge density chart at top right. Conductive surfaces dissipate charges rapidly which can cause shorts. Insulative surfaces offer little-to-no dissipation which allows ESD failure.

Polyonics dissipative surfaces don’t allow charges to build-up and dissipate them safely preventing ESD events. In addition, the double coated ESD tapes offer low peel voltages preventing electrostatic charges from being generated when the liners are removed or when they are applied to surfaces. This low peel voltage combined with static dissipation provides full 360 degree ESD protection to components, parts and products.

Polyonics can also apply its ESD HardCoat static dissipative surface on a wide variety of substrate materials used in the manufacture of membrane panels and switches and on printed electronics. In this way, the full protection from ESD can be coated on the unit thus eliminating adding any further protection.

The Chemistry of Burning

The burn cycle diagram, combustion chart second from top at right, depicts how heat contributes to burning (combustion). It also illustrates the areas (X) where the chemical mechanisms, incorporated in the Polyonics FlameGard technology, actively help retard the burn cycle.

The burn temperature chart, third from top at right, illustrates the role temperature plays in accelerating this cycle. At temperature (T1) very few of the molecules (area under the curve) have enough energy (activation energy Ea) to burn. Adding more heat raises the temperature to (T2) causing more molecules to have enough energy to become fuel and burn

The Polyonics family of double sided flame retardant halogen free tapes have been tested for compliance to the UL94 VTM0 and FAR 25.853 flame retardant standards as well as the aerospace BSS 7238/7239 smoke and toxicity standards. They have proven to help customers prevent the propagation of fire in a wide variety of applications and industries.

Combinations, Films, Custom Constructions, Laminating

Combination double coated ESD/Flame Retardant and ESD films are also available as are custom constructions. The combination tapes are used when prevention of flame propagation is required in a highly static environment. In addition, double coated ESD HardCoat static dissipative films are available. These unique films incorporate durable, cross linked polymer static dissipative surfaces on both sides of either 1 or 2 mil polyimide or polyester films for applications where a PSA and liner are not required.


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